Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Fabric Persona Book

As promised days ago, here's my dazzling book made in the Keely Barham class at Art & Soul in May. Pay particular attention to the doll on the cover; you'll see all the beads added along the right side to hide my dreadful stitches. The most fun was adding all the embellishments to the book, both front & back covers as well as on the doll itself. Fun, fun class.

We were told to bring buttons & embellishments so the word beads and skate key turned out to be perfect. And did you notice the 2 buttons that look like little red pencils? Now how fabulous are they? A gift from my mother ages ago when she passed along her button collection to me.

I still haven't pulled out the new sewing machine. Too much travel & teaching on my itinerary, but I'll get to it and surprise you by offering a class on this journal with my very own twist.

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