Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Stampaway Class: Art Inspiration Boards

Who knew it would take me 2 weeks to post photos from Stampaway?  Help me Rhonda.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again...there are some very creative people out there.  Just take a look at these two photos, please.

In July I introduced the ladies at Stampfest to Washi Tape, and it was a huge hit, but the ladies at Stampaway loved it even more.  All of my sample boards have unfinished edges, but just look at the difference a border of washi tape can make.  Sheesh.
When it turned out so great on the first one, she couldn't resist that little bit of pizazz on the rest.
And she also used it to accentuate a few of my favorite sayings that I'd printed for everyone.  The photo above says: When in doubt, twirl.

And my new Australian friend, Lorraine, whom I first met in my classes at Stampfest, was back to join the fun in Cincinnati.  Oh how I love those smiling familiar faces in the crowd.

The little bird is of course from Coffee Break Designs, as are the butterflies in this next photo.

And Lorraine took a shine to that very same phrase.  Guess I'll add that to my next set of rubber stamps!
When I'm planning out my kits I always wonder what will have mass appeal, and for this class I decided we should all be kids again and play with a simple set of watercolors.
Of course it probably helped that I gave everyone their very own water reservoir brush to use in class and keep for future play.
Of course you know who these boards belong to, don't you?
You would if you've been in my classes over the last 12 or 13 years at Stampaway, because Tammy is always present, and she always goes for shades of turquoise.  I love a girl who knows what she likes!
Some people were willing to experiment with multiple colors...

and pattern layouts...

Some were happy with the process throughout, while some questioned their choices.  But in the end, we were quite the happy bunch.
Cindy really liked the washi tape, hopping from table to table, since there were varieties scattered across the room.

Lots of time was spent working quietly, eating candy, cutting, pasting, coloring...

 And then I discovered one who didn't want to use the boards at all, preferring to use her own tags that could be added to the pages of her journal.

The finest quality of all.

Time Flies...on vacation

I don't know about you, but at my house we don't buy new cars...we buy previously owned and loved cars.  I like that someone else pays that sticker-shock price, takes great care of the car, and then passes it along to me to enjoy.  We have 4 such cars parked in our garages.

But having said that, can you imagine what it must have been like back in the day to enter a dealership with marble floors, columns, grand staircases, fabulous, decorative ceilings, and lighting fixtures to die for? 

We visited the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum in Auburn Indiana during our vacation, and I have to tell you, it was pretty fabulous.

We also included The Longest Yard Sale, connecting the drive in Crossville TN, and continuing up through Kentucky and into Ohio.  Would I do it again?  Nope.  But then, I'm not a yard sale kinda girl.  I like antique stores and festivals far better. 

But that's just me.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Just for Fun introduces Stamptangles!

I've been telling my friends who zentangle (yoo hoo, Sharon & Mary) how cool it would be to do rubber stamps of their doodling.  Well, Just For Fun has done just that and they're fabulous!

The 2 photos above were stamped on colored cardstock.  What could be easier?

But if you love to color, these will be perfect for you.  Stamp with black ink on white cardstock, color, do a bit of cutting, layer, add a verse, and a card is born.

I bought all of these images, plus a few more, so guess what we'll be doing at my stamp club meeting next Thursday night?

Sorry the dragonfly is less than crisp...I was so excited to see it!

Seriously, how much do you love these images??  I'm teaching a card class at Stampaway and already decided we're going to be forced to include a few of these in the class.

Guess that means I'll need to pack some water reservoir brushes or markers for sure.

If you're local and attending the Stamp Scrap Art Tour convention in Winston Salem NC on the 27th & 28th of this month, head straight to their booth!!  That will be my first stop for sure.

And if you're joining me for Stampaway in Cincinnati August 7-10, look for their booth at this show too.

And just in case you think I'm over my infatuation with houses, think again.  I'm just as excited about this stamp as any of the others...possibly more!

Makes you want to go stamp something, doesn't it?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Art Inspiration Boards: Stampfest to Stampaway

Recently I posted photos from my guinea pig classes in the studio, so you may remember seeing the local ladies hard at work on their Art Inspiration Boards.

I don't want to say that I provide too much in my goodie boxes, but I do.  Here's Donna, with a maze of play things scattered around her.

And here's Peggy, sitting across from her, with a closer view of the madness.  Did I mention that I'm teaching this class at Stampaway in a couple of weeks?  If you're registered for that class you'll be pleased to know that your kits come packaged in cigar boxes, just as they did in Orlando.

The washi tape you can see in the lower right corner is only a portion of what I brought.  Contrary to popular belief, there's no such thing as too much washi tape.  Just ask any of these girls.  They'll tell you I'm right.

These clever lasses packed ephemera galore to adorn their masterpieces.  Just check out the wooden cigar box one photo up...why even I wanted to rummage around in there to get ideas for things I could include in future class kits.

And this is Tammy, the Steampunk Queen, who insisted she didn't know what she was doing.  Of course I didn't believe it for a minute...she excelled once she relaxed.  In my classes you should never over think the process...just have I do when I'm designing these projects.  It works every time.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Teaching Techniques

While in FL at Stampfest I taught 3 classes, and the most popular by far was on techniques.
We played with inks and paints, stamps and stencils, sprays and stains, and SO MUCH MORE.
If you look over the shoulders of Neia & her son John, you'll see I had spraying stations set up away from the mayhem at the working tables.  Dylusions sprays are visible but earlier in the class this was the alcohol ink station.
We certainly couldn't have those colorants on the tables with everyone working so diligently, now could we?  Neia and John signed up last minute and raced to the local Michael's to buy inks and adhesives on my supply list, and fell into the chaos like a couple of pros.

Meet Donna and Peggy in the first 2 seats on the left, two of my Lovelies who are brave enough to take more than one class from me each year.  I just love watching them leave class with inky fingers, knowing they'll be back for more adventure.

On this end of the room we see playtime with Distress Stains.  I'm not saying I'm a jumping bean, but imagine that one table was set up with alcohol inks while the other was filled with stains.  And then Dylusions sprays and Distress Paints were set up for round two at those same tables.

In between using all the messy products, we had quiet, stay in our seats techniques, introducing everyone to some unusual play things that were quite a hit.

Above left is Wendy, who'd never attended Stampfest or taken a class.  I can't say she had the most fun, but I can tell you she was loving every minute of it.
Once we'd tackled all the techniques, those end tables were cleared of supplies and hundreds of rubber stamps took their place.  Everyone was able to move from one side of the room to the other, selecting stamps to use on their finished tags before assembling their books. 

I provided both mounted and unmounted stamps from Invoke Arts, Artful Illusions, Stampers Anonymous, Catslife Press, Just for Fun, Stamp Camp, Lost Coast Designs and far too many more to remember.

If you wanted to stamp faces, there were dozens...words & phrases? 
 even more

  What's the best thing about owning tens of thousands of rubber stamps?  You can provide great selections in your many classes.

I made a lot of new friends this year, which is always great, while catching up with old friends too.  Being a teacher is simply the best.

Thank you Tammy for enjoying my morning class so much that you signed up for the afternoon class and brought your Mom, Ellen.

Thank you John for joining all the ladies for 3 hours of inky fun.
And thank you Wendy for coming to Stampfest.  We were both surprised on Saturday night when she showed up for my third class of the weekend.  She said she didn't even realize I was the instructor for both, but was thrilled to be back for more. 
That means quite a lot.