Monday, June 30, 2008

Stampfest Orlando: What fun we had!

Orlando in & humid, with thunderstorms and rain every day...and Stampfest with rubber stampers from far and wide. You just can't imagine the fun we had during the course of 4 days.

My flight arrived late on Thursday, which meant no supper. (Like missing a meal will kill me.) And my flight home yesterday connected in Atlanta where thunderstorms shut down the airport. We departed for RDU late and wouldn't you know it...the thunderstorms had arrived in NC by the time the plane arrived, so we were forced to circle elsewhere for a long time, getting me home at midnight. Despite the turbulence, we arrived safe and sound, as did my luggage. Yeah Delta!!!!

I met so many fabulous women, you just can't imagine. Talented, creative, generous women, (and one gentleman in my Gypsy Pendant class). Now how cool is that? A husband and wife from the Clearwater FL area attending their first convention. Faith took my Art Journal of Techniques class on Saturday morning and then brought hubby Paul on Saturday night, where they both made great pendants. Check out the photos.

We managed to complete 7 techniques before running out of time, so I handed out an 8th which was quick and easy for completion at home. I even took a few photos included with this post. The bangle bracelet class was smaller but the completed bracelets were divine. Sorry, I was having so much fun I forgot to take any photos, so if you were in the class and snapped a few, please share them with me.

My make & take project for the Friday night party was a major hit with everyone. Seriously, I had ladies coming back at the end of the night, as well as Saturday & Sunday while I demoed at the convention, raving about how much they loved the project. Check back in a day or'll be the special project on my website, complete with a photo of the finished card we made. Again, there wasn't a free second to take photos, but we had 110 very happy ladies who came to play.

Saturday I worked in the Just For Fun booth, and you won't believe it, but I made cards all day long!!! I know, you've fainted at the thought of me making cards, but it's true. And the best part: I had fun doing it! Don't expect me to start making cards now; it's not gonna happen. But if I need a card I know how to make one that's quick, easy, and fabulous!!

Saturday night was the Gypsy Pendant class, which began with a huge thank you to my dear friend Lori Larson, who designed the project. We all loved it Lori!!

Debbie & Rick, owners of Just For Fun, flew me in for the event and I shared the Presidential suite with them and 4 other gals. It was like one big slumber party with junk food galore! Sandy & Kim, my roommates had me laughing every night long after we should've been asleep. (The first photo above shows Kim at her make & take table before the doors were opened on Sunday.) Hannah, their daughter, played under my demo table late Saturday, sticking bits of trash under and between my toes, making me laugh while trying to show ladies how to stipple & swirl color over templates. Debbie's dad and stepmom worked alongside everyone else and made me feel like I was part of the family. So a huge thank you to everyone for making my stay so wonderful.

I hope to be invited back to Stampfest 2009 in Clearwater and Orlando. Check their website and if you see me on next year's teaching schedule, come join the party!

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