Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Chicago in the Summertime

What a skyline! What heat! What humidity!! One late afternoon/early evening we passed a wedding party on the sidewalk in front of a park. I said it then and I'll repeat it now, I wouldn't have married Brad Pitt outdoors in that sweltering heat!
Vijay took us out to dinner every night, treating us to some of the best restaurants in town, where we enjoyed steak at Ram's that had been marinated in beer (can you believe it) to Italian (at Romano's I think) with portions large enough for two. Vijay dined on entrees that included lots of rice and pasta, but we girls enjoyed everything in sight. including dessert!
On our last night, after tearing down the booth and packing everything up to be shipped home, we ventured over to Navy Pier. Kelly had never been to Chicago, so we had to take her downtown where she shot all these fabulous photos. THANK YOU KELLY!! There was actually a breeze blowing so we dined in the little sidewalk cafe at Be Bop's and then walked to the end of the pier to be entertained by a live band and a group of people doing line dancing. What a great way to finish off a busy week. Vijay drove us over to the Shedd Auditorium where they filmed Night in the Museum with Ben Stiller, and from that side of the city the views were just incredible.
It was a lovely trip...seeing Vijay again, and meeting Kelly, his invaluable assistant for the first time, who flew in with him from Portland. Meeting Marilyn, a local lady who helped out in the booth with sales, and Becky, who led make & takes of earrings for 2 days with our new line of beads.
Lots more to share, including photos...

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