Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CHA Displays

Talk about a new appreciation for yarn!
I'm guessing these were covered hula hoops or something similar.
I found this to be very inspiring...loved the colors.
Now this is cool...I don't care who you are! 

And these paper dresses were a great way to show off their line of papers, don't you think?
Inspiration everywhere.  What a great show.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CHA - Zentangles

Zentangles in color; how fabulous is that?  No, I don't have time to tangle.  But I certainly appreciate the effort and result.  Who wouldn't?
The couple who began it all were in the Sakura booth giving 20 minute tutorials and several booths featured artwork, such as Design Originals.
I like the idea of including rubber stamped images of course.  They speak to me.
And instead of the usual black on white here's an example of white on black.

Feeling inspired yet?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter CHA Favorite - Dyan Reaveley

Last summer I told you about Dyan Reaveley, Ranger's Senior Educator in Europe, who dazzled me with her demos in the Ranger booth the entire show.  This year she introduced her new line of rubber stamps and I can't wait to get my hands on them  all. 
I love her use of color, her whimsy, and her imagination.
Here's a closer look at the birds in their hats.  Is this me or what?
I've been crazy about birds for a couple of years now so this was right up my alley.  And her sheet called "Around the Edge", plus her tips for creating borders, is now my favorite as well as her top seller.
Now check out her umbrella images with the polka dots and stripes.  She turns them upside down to create boats and cuts them apart to create butterflies.
And do you remember I told you she rolls an entire paper towel roll over her wet work to absorb the extra inks?  Just look behind the framed piece and there it is in living color.
Her specialty is journals and I would have gladly brought them all home with me.  All my antique ledgers that I've ripped apart over the years for kits are journals in her capable hands. 

As are children's books, store-bought journals, handmade journals, and even her father's algebra book, lightly coated with gesso first so print is still visible but no longer the focal image.

She plays around with different color palettes, making me realize I've got to leave behind the safe and sure and do the same.
She also has sheets of clever sayings.  Below is a little masterpiece featuring her favorite and mine: "I don't like you, you're very ugly and you've no manners at all."  Of course you need to hear her read it with her British accent for full effect.

I'm back with new products already arriving which means classes can't be far behind.
Come back later for more photos and info from CHA!