Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's the Holidays

Somebody was sick for 37 days and has now shared the bungus with someone else.  Not good.

Somebody got a new Lexus for Christmas with built-in navigation, back-up camera, and side mirrors that tilt down when you put the car in reverse.  Somebody still backs out of her garage looking over her shoulder while her hubby stands there hollering "use the back-up camera!".

Somebody spent Christmas Eve at the Emergency Room...the entire day...with a hubby who has kidney stones.

Somebody needs to start tending to her blog, once all the excitement dies down.

Somebody thanks you for checking in and hopes you'll do it again...soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Girl, Where have you been?

Sick, sick, sick, that's where.

Don't know what I've got but I've had it for 17 days and counting.  Cough, sore throat, earaches, no voice, and a nose on the fast track.  Don't I wish I owned stock in Kleenex!

It's no fun getting sick Thanksgiving weekend and still being sick going into week 3.  That's a fact.  The miracle is that I haven't given it to hubby, thank goodness, who's having a bit of surgery tomorrow.  Zithromax didn't touch this plaque, but the cough syrup with codeine is a godsend at bedtime.  I still can't sleep through the night, but the coughing calms down for a few blissful hours.

Ask me if my shopping is done and of course I'll laugh out loud which brings a coughing spasm, so please, don't ask.  We did get a tree set up in the living room on Saturday night but the decorations remain in the attic.  Wreaths are on the downstairs windows and carriage lights either side of the garage door, but not on the second floor windows yet.  The pumpkins and gourds were moved off the porch this weekend after sharing space with a snowman for several days.  Keep in mind, I haven't been leaving the house during this illness, so that snowman didn't get picked up on my radar as quickly as it would've in normal circumstances.  Tsk tsk.  And my fabulous wreath with all the big, glistening ornaments is somewhere in the attic with the stockings and reindeer and other mantle decor.  Can't guarantee any of this will get done since we'll both be pretty much out of commission starting tomorrow.

I've come up with THE MOST FABULOUS class ideas, and yes, the clock is ticking on me.  Surely this weekend I'll find the needed boost to climb those stairs and knock out some samples.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few holiday ideas with you so you won't feel too slighted with this post.

A tree for limited space indeed.  I'd never put that many nails in my freshly painted walls but if those Command strips would hold them up, I'd consider it.

I really like this simple giftwrapping idea.  Unfortunately I don't give wine at the holidays.  Mores the pity...

I am such a believer in "presentation is everything" and something about this simplistic array appeals to me.

As does this... what fabulous little gift bags.

I love these simple coordinated color schemes.

But I like this one the best. 
And I've got a couple of trees that would be divine for displaying tiny gift parcels like the ones below, if only I felt like making the parcels.

Did you collect any pinecones yet?  It's not too late.

I'll be back, I promise.  Do come again.