Monday, April 7, 2014

I Ran Away but Now I'm Back

Yes, I realize a lot of you think I ran away from home.  I didn't actually, though I've run off from time to time. 
I've been designed projects for upcoming conventions, like Stampfest in Orlando and Stampaway in Cincinnati.
I'll be teaching 3 classes at Stampfest this year and four at Stampaway, and that takes a lot of work...okay, play mostly, but still a bit of work.

Hubby has been back in the hospital again for his 4th stint just 2 weeks ago, and that has kept me distracted (seriously) since last August.
But we're fine.  And I'm playing more.  And have so much to share.
So I'll be back.  With stories and photos, and it will be like I was never away.
Please come back.  It will be worth the wait!