Friday, August 22, 2014

Stampaway Play

I taught an acrylic class this year that included making cards as well as a wall hanging.

We played with alcohol inks of course and acrylics from Clear Scraps.  Don't you love these funky hearts?
Can you see the dangling dragonfly?  We twisted copper wire and strung it with glass beads.  I thought that was a very nice touch when I designed the class last year.
And we have one brave gentleman join the fun, and seriously, I think he enjoyed himself.
Instead of beads for his, he liked the miniature dice, so I fished out several in all different colors.  I knew his should be truly unique.
We had a bit of fun in my art doll class, but I forgot to take photos until everyone was ready to leave.  Shame on me.
It was tremendous fun.  Just look at these smiles.
Sorry this one is blurry.  I was laughing which means we were having fun, but not so great when I'm supposed to be capturing memories.

In my collage class there seemed to have been less time for play.  Each kit was packaged in a wooden cigar box and while I know there was more than enough ephemera, I kept wandering around the room, passing out more...and more...and more!
So just when they thought it was safe to start making those final decisions, I would sweep through with a few extras they didn't realize they would need.  And then final decisions had to be changed.  For the better of course!

I had fun.  Just wish I'd taken more photos throughout the week.  Did I mention I need a personal assistant?  Preferably one handy with a camera!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Stampaway Classes with Gaye & Pat

Once again I was able to squeeze in a class with the talented, delightful Gaye Medbury.    Usually we're teaching opposite one another throughout the week, and I manage to find one opening in my schedule to learn from the master.
Tiny, precious, wondrous little Concertina Boxes.  Loved every single minute of it.  As always.  Thanks Girlie!

And Pat took this class as well, but couldn't resist jumping up to assist as she's always done in Gaye's classes. 

She also taught one this year, which I took, called her Agenda Book.
Loved every step, every moment, even though I didn't quite do it correctly and had to ask for a little assistance.  She watched me and thought I was onto something genius, so she let me continue...right up until I noticed something was amiss.
But she quickly pulled my fat out of the fire.  Thanks ever so much for that!

I think everyone should take classes, including instructors like myself.  We can all learn so much.  Can't wait to do it again in 2015!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stampaway USA XXII - Class #3

I'm pleased to report that I survived another year at Stampaway.  Taught 4 classes to great students.  Shopped like a crazy person at the Friday night preview party.  And the drive through VA, WV, KY and OH was just as wonderful as the drive home back through those very same states, but on a different route.

Turns out I'm not the only person who likes playing with inks and paints, stencils and dabbers, punchinella & mesh tape.
I scattered Ranger inks across all the tables and gave everyone a chance to play with multiple palettes.  And they did an extraordinary job.
My favorites used to be Butterscotch, Lettuce, Wild Plum, Stream & Red Pepper.
And since I still own more than a dozen of each, I packed them.  But I also packed Pool, Sailboat Blue, Raspberry, Citrus, Sunshine Yellow and Orange.
Ahh, the endless possibilities.  The combinations were quite cheerful.

This was one of the supply tables after everyone had grabbed multiple foam stamps and stencils to play with at their seats.  Never let it be said that I don't pack enough supplies to inspire!

Hard working girls.  Happy girls.  Girls with inky fingers.
Lisa was all smiles but Peggy was far too involved to pose for me.
As you can see I also packed my Clearsnap Magic Stamps, or Pen Score as they called it a couple of decades ago.  Still love that stuff and I wasn't the only one.

This was a 3 hour class and I don't believe a single person left early, although we did have a few guests drop in to see what all the laughter was about.

I spread out some old favorite foam rubber stamps by Junkitz, discontinued but still much loved to use with the Dabbers.
And yes, I packed the Distress Paints, but kept them on a table up front because they're totally different and I wanted these ladies to appreciate the differences.

Hope you'll come back tomorrow to see photos of the other classes and hear about them.

Do come back, won't you?