Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Later Than You Think

If you know me well, you know I procrastinate...often, consistently, and I'm really good at it. The end result is that I lose a lot of sleep but I truly do some of my best work as the clock ticks down.

Last night when the last of the gals left the studio, my work began. It's easy enough to throw clothes in a suitcase, but packaging fragile bangles is different. They need to be wrapped and cushioned, tucked back in their boxes, and prepared to survive airline baggage handlers on their trip to Chicago.

Next comes packing of inks & reinkers; my wonderful impressed Penscore stamps as opposed to the wood mounted variety that weigh more and therefore cost more to take along; mesh, sequin waste, & dry-wall tape; studio washclothes (you wouldn't understand if you haven't played in my studio or classes); paper to protect table covers in the booth; and so much more.

Have I actually packed my suitcase? Nope.

Do I know where my carry-on bag is? Nope. Can't even remember if I finished unpacking it from my trip to Orlando 2 weeks ago.

Did I get to bed before 2am? Just barely.

Am I feeling anxious or nervous? Not in the least.

I'm excited to be going to CHA. I'm excited to unveil my new bracelet designs and lead make & take projects showing store owners how to decorate them for classes. I'm looking forward to my free time on the show floor to see all the new ideas and products now on the market. And I'm excited at the prospect of running into old friends like MaryJo McGraw and Tim Holtz. MaryJo has been such a mentor to me over the years, encouraging me and guiding my career, trying her best to turn me into a business woman and not just another artist. And Tim, dear, dear Tim, who starts laughing and joking as soon as he sees me, never failing to show me a new trick or two or ten. And I've got to visit my friend Robin Beam who's demoing for not one, but two vendors this year.Who am I forgetting?

Did I pack my express passes for picking up my badges and class tickets? Yikes! I forgot to print my boarding passes, but I've done that now. I'm packing the cameras and praying that I remember to use them!

And now I'm signing off til I return home on the 21st. Keep stamping. Be creative. And come back to see me next week!

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