Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DIYBangles @ CHA - Part 1

Give a group of women (and a man or two) their choice of Ranger Distress ink pads and you never know what color they'll choose.
Show them how to roll the inked bangle over stretched rubber bands and they'll squeal with delight at the emerging pattern.
Warn them they're gonna have inky fingers and they never believe you.
But my oh my, how they love the finished product, inky fingers and all. Jay was a good sport, letting us take his photo while he created a bangle with all the ladies. And a fine job he did with it too!
Slice was giving away aprons in their booth on the other side of the convention center from us, yet traffic continued to move throughout the week. Maybe next time we should award prizes if they wear the item they make in our booth! Now there's a thought worth remembering.

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