Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Card Class in the Studio

It's true...I taught a card class last night.  I wanted to feature some new products in the studio and designed a class making cards.
These are 2 of my sample cards using the new Send It Clear cards by Clear Scrap.  I used Tim's umbrella man Sizzix Die and a sheet of acrylic, then inked with Ranger's alcohol inks.    Only the top half is attached to the front of the acrylic card so that it opens as a gate-fold card. 

The card on the right has only one flap attached for demo purposes, and again I used a flower die to cut the multi-layered flower from that same sheet of acrylic, using alcohol inks as my colorant.  Don't you just love how Ranger's inks matched the scrapbook paper?  Me too.

This one looks similar, and yet the alcohol ink technique is different.   This person attached both flaps on her card, choosing to turn the 2 pieces of scrapbook paper to showcase both sides.  Clever girl.  I think these might've been made by Joyce, but that's just a guess.

I know this one looks very similar to the above card, but it was made by someone else, who also turned her papers in the very same way, but if you click on the photo you'll see the petals of her flower are standing up, not curled down.

One of those photos shows Joyce's card and the other is Mary's.  I'm pretty sure about that.

This one is definitely Sharon's because I recognize the cuffs of her sweatshirt.  She chose to have her outer papers match.  Don't you love the intense colors on her flower?
This one is Lynda's and her flower has a monochromatic look.  I like that.  These acrylic flowers can be manipulated so easily with your fingers.  No heating required.  Her petals are raised far more than mine...just personal preference.

We also made cards using Japanese Washi Tapes, Fabric Tape and Lace Tape.   I didn't photograph mine, but the 4 cards below were all made by Michele.

Wish you could've joined us.

Friday, April 20, 2012

And the STARS came out to play

This year our club has decided to try something new.  For 14 or 15 years we've had a project each month where someone plans it, brings supplies, and then leads us through the steps to complete it.  But now we're starting at home and completing something during the club.  This month we were to bring luggage tags with backgrounds only, which we traded so that each of us had 8 different tags to take home.  I pulled out over 100 oriental images and we all chose what we wanted to stamp on each of our tags.  This first photo shows my tags.
These belong to Sharon and I know this because the one in the top right corner was stamped on both sides.  The one you see here is the back, inked with Ranger's stains, and she liked that better than the front.

Here's the front.  She used Pearl Ex which gives it a shimmer, but felt it had a bit too much to really showcase the stamped images.

I believe these are Deb's only because I see her extras are all decorated.  We each made 10 so that meant we had 2 to fool around with on our own.

Based on that theory, this should be Michele's display.

And these are Mary's.  Her blue-gray tags have streaks of color where she literally did her direct-to-paper from the pads, and while she wasn't thrilled with the inked tags, we were all enthusiastic about the end result when images were added.

I think these are Laurie's only because the top left tag has another matching tag underneath it.

This should be Lynda's only because she was beside me and I gave her 2 of mine.  See the tags on either end of the top row?  My backgrounds and she wasn't pleased with her first attempt.
And I guess Lyn slipped out before I got a good shot of hers.  Sorry about that.  Unless of course one of you emails to say I got the names wrong.

Bottom line, we had fun.  And we got some exercise because we were constantly running back and forth to the stamps on a different table.  That along with almond blueberry cake...happy campers!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Four Years of and on...

Can you believe it...I began this blog 4 years ago.  And yes, I know, I've been updating it poorly, but life continues to get in the way.

Big things coming, beginning with stamp club tonight.  Can't wait to show you what we're making as our project so come back tomorrow and take a gander.

Tiny tot turned 2 and I have studio portraits everywhere...except here of course.  Go ahead, tsk tsk, I hear you.

Thank you for stopping by and no kidding, tomorrow it will really be worth your time.