Friday, June 15, 2012

Stampfest Orlando 2012 is coming

Do you know what I call a good time?  A room full of happy campers that are playing with inks and paints and rubber stamps.
We always have fun, no matter the project, and this year I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

This year's convention will be held at the International Palms Resort in Orlando.  My 3 classes will be on Friday, June 29th, followed by the Friday Night Make & Take Party for 100 lucky ticket holders.  And then Saturday and Sunday you'll find me in the Just For Fun booth, leading even more make & take projects.

My first class is my Home Sweet Home Shadowbox Collage, featuring a 6x8x2 specimen box with a glass lid, showcasing a fabulous trio of tiny chipboard houses from Coffee Break Designs.

Just look at that tiny little house, decorated to the nines.  Isn't it just fabulous?
These are photos taken when I taught this class at Stampaway 2 years ago.  Too much fun.

My midday class from 12-2 is a techniques class.  Ooh, these are always the best because I get to show you how to use products you already own in new and exciting ways for some fabulous results.

Just the thought of all those tiny little works of art sets my heart aflutter.

My Acrylic Album class will be from 3-5pm.  No time to eat or nap or anything with all these back to back classes.  Whew!
I taught my guinea pig class recently and have some fabulous photos.  Unfortunately I took them with my ipad turned sideways.  Thought I had them all cropped and turned and fabulous, but I was mistaken...they're cropped but sideways when I try to post them.  Gotta figure this out...

If you're going to be in Orlando at the end of this month, do come join me for a bit of fun.  You won't regret it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hello Old Friend

I've been a busy little girl of late, though I did take time to go see this fabulous movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.  We thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you'll fit it into your schedule.

I've been doing a bit of cleaning and organizing in the studio again, tossing tons of (how shall I say this...) crap.  And of course I'm finding things that I'll never need and never use, yet I can't bring myself to toss them just yet.  I've also found so much stuff that would be useful to someone, so I continue to take piles of it to my daughter-in-law for her to keep or give to the school her girls attend.  No doubt she wishes I'd done this during the actual school season, but I'm on my own one else's.

I've also been reading non-stop, which is never a bad thing.  With the passing of Dick Francis and Robert B Parker, my two favorite authors, I was lost and wandering aimlessly up and down the library aisles.  But I found two new authors I enjoy immensely...right up until I finished reading everything they'd written.  The good news...they both have new books due out this year. 

If you like mysteries, may I recommend Louise Penny and Lee Child.  They're not the same as my favorites, and totally different from each other, but both are equally good in their own rights.

And if you have a suggestion for a string of mysteries, I'm anxious to hear.

The STARS are coming next Thursday night, so I've got a week to clean up the studio, clear all my junk off the tables, and create my twinchies to swap.

In case you don't know, these are 2" square works of art.  We're to use purple, orange and lime green as our color theme, so I have no idea what direction that will take me, but my first instinct is Halloween, and I'm determined not to go there in June.  This little tidbit isn't one of mine; I found it when I googled twinchies on the internet.

And so is this one.  I believe both came from ArtChix, since I recognize her images from some of the collage sheets I've bought from Helga over the years.  Aren't they fabulous?  Make a background, and then build your layers, adding embellishments.  Calls my name ... loudly!

I've also taught a class or two since the last time I posted, so later today I'll add a few photos for you.

I set off for Stampfest Orlando at the end of the month, teaching 3 classes, leading a project at the Friday night make & take party, and doing make & takes in the Just For Fun booth on Saturday & Sunday.  And of course I need to post photos to entice you, don't I?

Time for lunch.  I hear rumblings from the fridge...baked ham and roasted new potatoes...leftovers...calling out to the rumblings my tummy is making.

Give me time to savor and enjoy that for a bit and I'll be back...