Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

What a busy time of year this has been! Shopping and wrapping and delivering gifts. We had to drive 2 cars on Christmas Day to transport all the presents and the puppies. It would help if we were clever people and stopped buying all these tiny cars, but at this stage of our lives, we realize it's never gonna happen. As a matter of fact we've been looking at BMW Z4's to replace my car, but in these economic times we're holding off.

Do you have big plans for tonight? We rang in the Milennium at Disney in Orlando, and let me tell you, those people really know how to celebrate! This year we're staying home, preparing for our trip to CA mid-January.

I still have our party hats, horns, and noisemakers they gave us that year. Perhaps I'll pull those out tonight to put us in a festive mood. Personally I'll skip the champagne and indulge in a Fuzzy Navel.

Have you taken down your holiday decorations yet? The artificial tree from the new front porch is now boxed up and sitting in the garage. The wreaths are off the door and all the windows, but still piled on the porch planter. Baby steps. The first floor mantle is still divine, as is the tree up on the second long as you don't look too closely. I do love a Frasier Fir but after a month the needles start dropping at an alarming rate.

There are gifts still in their gift boxes and bags scattered throughout the house. Peep in the front door and you'll see a few in front of the fireplace. Peep in the front guestroom window and you'll see gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbon, and yes, a few gifts to each other that never got wrapped or put under the tree. The family room upstairs has the gifts we gave one another, right where we left them Christmas night. Don't misunderstand; I'm sure I'll love my MP4 Media player and my digital photo frame...just as soon as we figure out how they work. And since I'm a bit preoccupied with class submissions right now, they can stay put a while longer.

I'd love to say all my Stampaway submissions were shipped, but the truth of the matter is that none of my samples are completed. Can you guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? I've got my fingers crossed that I can squeeze everything into a 3 lb UPS Red package on Friday for delivery on Monday, the drop-dead final day to get them in Connie's hot little hands. And don't even get me started on all my bangle, bead & pendant projects for CHA! Baby steps I tell you.

I'm wishing each and every one of you the happiest of New Years. Good things are coming our way!! And my number one resolution for the new year is to post on my blog more often. Resolution #2 is to stop procrastinating so I can complete my projects in a more timely manner. #3 is to get all the junk out of the studio. It's so chaotic in there I can't possibly be creative. Hence the class samples still in the works.

Be Happy. Stay well. Never miss an opportunity to laugh or create art. Never.
Now where's my hat and party horn? Aren't the puppies just gonna love it tonight?

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