Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Theme is Snowmen

Don't you just love the smiling faces of snowmen? The tree is decorated and yes, the theme is snowmen. There are lots of balls on the tree, and lots of them have snowmen painted on them. There are also lots of ornaments that look like ice cube snowmen, with little orange noses made of the same acrylic, though they look like glass. Funny thing...when I found these ice cube ornaments on sale I bought a couple of dozen, but I never stopped to consider that they don't really show up well on a tree since they're CLEAR.
I've got quite the collection now. Some purchased by me, but mostly by my mother. Here's a tip for you: don't ever let your mother find out you're collecting something. In another lifetime I collected pigs, and trust me when I say this, everyone gave me pigs. You can still find a few here and there but all those pig ornaments didn't make the cut this year. On the other hand my step-daughter gave me a fat pig wearing a green Santa hat and riding a candy cane that's DIVINE as well as huge, and it's sitting here on a table in the studio smiling at me as I smile at it. He stays out til New Years, no matter what.
But I when we bought this house 6 years ago and hosted our first Holiday Open House, my mother made lots of candy and other sugary goodies. I pulled out my tiny collection of snowman platters and plates and she was excited beyond words. Didn't know I collected snowmen, and may I say, it was a cat I didn't intend to let out of the bag.

And of course you know "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say...she's continued to add to my collection for 6 years now. I've got ornaments, platters, a full set of dishes complete with cups, saucers, the whole shebang! I've got pillows and dish towels and spoon rests and pot holders. And I've got enough ceramic snowmen to fill every shelf and level surface of my house. Oh, and stocking holder snowmen too! Now she didn't buy all of these; other people have also contributed to my sickness...I mean collection. And I do love them, but seriously, we've all got to know when to say when!
But let's not forget the good news of the day: The tree is decorated! And I remembered to add water! We're all happy tonight.

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