Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Little of This...

Artists are special people. I consider myself a collector (perhaps hoarder) who eventually finds uses for all my purchases. I'll find a close-out on inventory where there are only 5 or 6 left of something really clever, and I'll tell myself it would make a great, intimate class in the studio.
Which is why my 500 sq ft studio is running over with riches. I've got 2 cubbies in the family room behind the built-in bookcases that are chock full of (let's call them) supplies. And I've got a closet with built-in shelves down on the first floor in guest room #2 that's also overflowing with even more priceless samplings. And let's don't even talk about the cases of wooden cigar boxes that are in the basement storage room!
You get the idea. I'm living in the world of "too much of a good thing is no longer good". And so as I'm doing my annual purge, deciding what has to go, I've come upon a great idea for a few people out there. I'm putting together kits, boxes, and bags of treasures that need new homes.
I once found about 6 photo storage boxes with a hinged, snap lid that are meant to be decorated with inks, paints, stamps, or even collaged with papers. The fold-over lid has a frame mounted for slipping in a photo. My original idea was a small class for a select few, but I've never found the time for it, so now they must go.
I had the same idea when I came across these really large ornaments that are flat, scored white chipboard screaming for Luminaire paints and rubber stamps, or paper collage elements & 3D embellishments before being folded to form the pyramids that will not only house small gifts, but also make fabulous gifts themselves once completed.
And then there are the little boxes with tabbed cards inside, perfect for holding recipe cards or a catalog of cards sent to friends & family.
Remember when Tim Holtz introduced his Junk Bags with zippered compartments for holding scrabble tiles, metal alphabet letters, jewelry findings, beads, and other trinkets? How much fun would it be to hold a small class limited to the number of bags left, filling them with ephemera? Each lucky participant receives their very own bag of goodies and then we begin decorating a canvas or a journal or assemblage project using those bits and more.
I'd love to do these classes, sharing ideas for the creation of these little wonders, but I'm thinking perhaps I should just sell them, letting someone else give them a good home. My studio is filled right now with boxes and bags of these items and more. If you're interested in a class like this, or interested in some of these treasures, send me an email. Meanwhile I'll keep digging to see what else I've hidden from myself. I'm telling you, it really is like Christmas at my house.

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