Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm Alive, I'm Well, and I'm Worthless

At the beginning of last week we bought a tree. It waited patiently on the front porch with the artificial tree for 2 days before we trimmed the bottom and got it into the stand with water. Two days later it made it into the house. After hours rearranging the livingroom to accomodate it, we carried it upstairs. Then we rearranged the family room furniture a zillion times before proclaiming that we were done for this year. It's not where we want it; nor is the furniture, but at some point you have to know when to say when. There it sat for another 48 hours waiting for a refill of water. That poor tree has been waiting patiently for lights and ornaments...and it's still waiting.
My wreaths are still in the attic cubby, not on my windows and carriage lights. My mailbox remains unadorned, as does my foyer, both mantles, ... you get the idea.
I did buy 2 boxes of cards. So far I've mailed only 2 cards. I've done more shopping, and tomorrow night I'll be out with my son doing more. No rest for the weary.
We went to my son's house yesterday for lunch. My mother and step-father also joined us and she did most of the cooking. You know how good mothers are...not moms like me I'm afraid. I'll gladly buy you a meal anywhere but you'll be hard pressed to get me in the kitchen to prepare one. Especially this time of year! After lunch, my daughter-in-law drove us girls up to her salon and fixed our hair. I have a totally new look and once it grows out a bit more, it'll look even more fabulous. Mother even had her brows waxed, which is an idea I've never entertained for myself. My blonde & white eyebrows don't show anymore than my blonde & white eyelashes.
Speaking of which, my eye surgery is 30 days from today. Have mercy. I'm wearing my bifocals full time now and HATING it!!! All for the greater good...that's what I keep telling myself. So if you see me in the next month and my makeup is no less than scandalous, be a dear and blend it for me. Take a tissue and wipe off the excess blush. Ignore the fact that I'm not wearing mascara because I can't see to put it on. Or, heaven forbid, if I've attempted to apply some and it's all over my eyelids, take mercy on me and help me tidy up. Vanity will win in the end and in Christmas photos I'll have this far-away, dazed look because I fully intend to take them off when I see anyone pointing a camera in my direction. I'll tell you now that I'm so blind I can't see my own reflection in the mirror unless my nose is 3" away or closer, hence that dazed look I'm warning you about now. I'm charming. I'm witty. I'm personable. But trust me, I'm blind beyond all definition of the word.

We loaded up the puppies in the Mini Cooper and drove to Florida the week before Thanksgiving. Today I remembered that I'd used my cell phone to take a couple of photos of the puppies being walked in Savannah. So here they are, loving every minute of their time out of the crate and out of the car.

If there are typos in this little blurb, forgive me. I said I'm wearing bifocals, not tri-focals. Translation: I can see miles down the road, and I can see my hand in front of my face. But the computer screen might as well be in the refrigerator with the door closed and the light off.
I've made a to-do list for tonight that includes dragging all the Christmas finery out of the cubby and with any luck sprinkling some it throughout the house and onto the tree. But keep in mind tonight is the very last episode of Boston Legal ever. And it's on from 9-11, so you know I can't be expected to let the DVR record it without actually watching it. Priorities people!
As I said up above, I'm alive and I'm well, but clearly I'm also worthless today.

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