Tuesday, December 2, 2008

23 Days and Counting

Thanksgiving is a time of counting our blessings. Then December rolls in with a countdown of a different sort. 23 Days. I can say it out loud without panic in my voice. I've begun my shopping. I've begun my decorating. (There's a new snowman sitting on the front porch)
Of course I haven't bought my tree. And I haven't unpacked the holiday decorations from the attic. We've begun to rearrange the living room downstairs as well as the family room upstairs, both in anticipation of a tree. Not sure where it will go, or if we'll have 2 this year. One real, one artificial. The latter is assembled & sitting in my foyer. We considered putting it out on the front porch which is large enough to protect it from the weather, but the tree's far too large for that if we expect anyone to see the wreath on the door, or actually enter the door.

You know how getting something unexpected throughout the year makes you feel like it's Christmas? I love that feeling when we start pulling out our holiday stash. The cubby is probably 6' wide, 12' deep, and 4' tall, crammed from floor to ceiling and wall to wall with box after box of wreaths, ornaments, decorations, door mats, a huge sleigh and more. Each year we add to our collection so when we start opening boxes we've forgotten all the fabulous goodies that were tucked away the year before.
It may surprise people to know that I don't make my holiday cards. Never have, never will. I'm not a card-making person at heart though I will make sets of cards to give as gifts, complete with their own little portfolio holder. These are well received, particularly when they include birthday, get-well, thank you, and blank cards. Tucking in a book of stamps is a nice touch of course.
I'm planning just such an endeavor this year and I'm including the neighborhood kids. I'll assemble the portfolios that need only their artwork for the front cover, fold the cardstock for the actual cards, and then let the little ones decorate small works of art to adorn each card. It's a day of play for me and them, and it gives the parents a chance to shop or rest or vacuum while I'm entertaining the tots. Maybe you could do the same this year in your studio, store, or kitchen. Make sure you have a camera nearby to capture those hands covered in ink and paint and glue, and of course the smiles.

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