Monday, September 29, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

If you're a rubber stamp fanatic, I want you to imagine spending days in a distributor's warehouse. I ventured up and down every aisle, peeking into boxes and bins, flipping the pages of books, checking out everything from foils to findings, brads to beads, punches to pin backings. There's no way to describe it; just know that I was heaven.
I don't know about everyone else who spent 4 days at the Gary Burlin trade show in Cleveland, but I had tons of fun! My hands were covered in ink from the very first class, and I broke yet another fingernail, all in the name of art. All of my classes were taught in what they call the Candy Room. Remember candy cigarettes? He had them, and so much more. But other than a mention as they entered the room and selected a seat, we all concentrated on the creation of art instead of the sweets.
How could you not love a group of store owners who specialize in rubber stamps & inks? They know what their customers already love so they were looking for new ideas as well as new products. Hopefully I was able to show them a few new tricks with all the fabulous Clearsnap inks & tools.
I also tried to give them a few ideas for make & takes, a monthly demo, or for an open house. Those of you who know me well can only imagine that I was talking fast, so even though I saw lots of note-taking, I expect to receive a few emails, asking for reminders of all those tips.
It never ceases to amaze me in a class when everyone is supplied with the same supplies, but the resulting artwork is so unique. And it wasn't just the color selections they made, but the patterns they created as well. I'm just in awe of all the talent I found in my classes which left me continually inspired.
My thanks to Gary, for asking me to teach, and Jenny from Clearsnap who chose me as her instructor. And most importantly, to all the participants who came to play with me over the 4-day event. And a special thank you to Barbara of The Creative Stamper, who let me spend my very late nights into the wee hours of the morning bouncing ideas back and forth. Staying up til 2:30am on Saturday was lots of fun, but when I finally got home late yesterday, I was in bed before 6pm and didn't budge until 7:30am today. Much needed rest for the weary. I hope this trade show will be held next year and that I'm invited back to play again. I'll start resting up now, just in case.

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