Monday, September 22, 2008

It's All About Me!

Months ago I found a paperweight/desk plaque that reads: It's All About Me and of course I bought it to display in the studio. Below you'll find photos taken of a journal I made using inks, grungeboard, stickers, stamps, clip art & more. I tried to think of 5 things that would describe me, and I think I did myself justice.Artistic: That's certainly me. I love to play with paper & glue, inks & paints, stamps & stickers, fibers & beads. When you think back to elementary school (we didn't have kindergarten when I came along) do you remember the smell of school paste? Oh how I loved that stuff. And those large sheets of newsprint that you'd fold to create 8 big squares for individual masterpieces. I still love the idea of it all.
Creative: Most certainly I'm creative! My very favorite art supply would be paper, but I can use it to transform cigar boxes, journals, and more. Throw in a bunch of game pieces and I'll create a shrine or decorate a large mirror. Give me a sheet of foam core and I'll create jewelry. I love all the possibilities that come to mind when I wander the aisles of Home Depot.
Funny: Judging from the laughter in my classes, I think I can be pretty amusing. Of course I can be watching a sitcom on TV, laughing, and my husband will start laughing...not at the TV show, but at me. It seems my laughter brings out his. Now if that's not a perfect match I don't know what is, and I'm tickled pink to have found him.
Messy: Oh good grief, I'm the messiest person I know. Right now I'm decorating new bangles so that our packaging & labels will showcase not only my name but also my artwork. The studio is covered with supplies and this morning I was up there at 5:15am working on ideas that came to me during the night.
But I'm also preparing for my teaching gig this weekend at the Gary Burlin Trade Show, so there are works of art on paper, along with all the inks, stamps, and implements needed for those. And I've designed numerous pieces of jewelry and can't decide which I like the best, so there are bits & pieces of various hardware items scattered across the tables with everything else.
I Love to Laugh: And that's the truth of it. No matter what, you've got to keep your sense of humor and laugh as you muddle through it all. I decorated a wooden bead a week ago and wanted to include that in my jewelry piece this weekend. This morning I was searching through the mounds for that fabulous bead and have yet to find it. Trust me, I'll make another if need be, but wouldn't you think a big wooden bead strung on a pipe cleaner would be easy to find? OMG!! I just remembered where it is! I twisted the pipe cleaner to form a ring, and hung it on one of my desk lamps. Now that's funny; I don't care who you are.
Why don't you make a journal about yourself. Think of 5 words that best describe you and devote a page to each. Whether you're using stamps or scrapbook papers, stickers or rub-ons, grungeboard or chipboard, inks or paints, let this journal express the artist you've become. But never forget that school paste. It started you down this Primrose path, and where would you be today without it.

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