Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chopsticks, Fortunes, and Fun

I've been playing around tonight but rather than posting photos of something new I thought I'd share something I designed several years ago. I haven't taught this class in ages, but it was such fun I think you might enjoy my walk down memory lane.
I've always been attracted to all things Oriental, and it doesn't hurt that we've got a 10,000 sq ft Grand Asian Market within minutes of my house. Occasionally I'll wander through the aisles and buy things so as the collection grew, class ideas came to me. This first photo shows the contents of the kit. I should tell you that the kits were packaged in large take-out containers, and included chopsticks and a fortune cookie. My students could eat the cookies and still use the fortunes in their collage.
This is a photo of just one of my finished pieces. I've done several because everytime I taught the class, I'd create another one as part of the class instruction. Mine aren't even the best I've seen. They were intended as a jumping off point for my students, and as always, I'm utterly amazed at the creativity of women when they begin to assemble their art.
These kimono cards were great, but I created accordion pages for the inside and used a clipiola to hold the "book" closed and keep the pages intact. Next time you see a shape that might make a good book, first make a card and then add an accordion inside to create the book. It's very easy.
The pages are decorated on both front and back, giving me the opportunity to use lots of ephemera, as well as stamped images. If you're local, check it out the next time you visit the studio. It's far lovelier in person than in my photography. And if you've got joss paper, lucky money envelopes, fortunes, rice paper, and coins, why not make one of your own? You don't even need the kimono card. Instead why not decorate luggage tags with stamped images, inks, paints, and ephemera. You'll be so glad you did. Tuck them in a library pocket or coin envelope, also decorated. And from now on when you go for Chinese take-away dinners, always ask for the free chopsticks, keep the menu, and start saving those fortunes.

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