Monday, September 29, 2008

ATC's As My Make & Take

In addition to the classes I taught while in Cleveland, I also did two make & takes. I'm sorry to say I wasn't clever enough to take photos on the first night (perhaps because we were swamped the entire time), but I did manage to take a couple on the second night. Here's Cindy of The Enchanted Cottage in NC, working on her ATC.
I knew everyone was exhausted after all the classes over a 2-day period, so I decided to give them something simple. I gave them tools & inks,doilies & magic mesh, so they could create ATC's with patterns and color before adding their stamped images. Turns out they were so tired that they couldn't decide on patterns, but they sure knew which stamps they wanted to use. I had packed tickets from Invoke Arts and funny quotes from Too Much Fun. The tickets were a huge hit and the quote that got used the most read "Don't take that perky tone with me". Lots of fun. We had used Invoke Arts stamps in my classes, so if you were in Cleveland please visit their website. And even if you weren't, you should check out their newest images. I'll try to post photos of the class project tomorrow.
Invoke's website is:

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