Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Photo Play

In a previous post I told you about antique photos I purchased at Stampaway, and finally I've scanned them in for you to use. Simply right click on a photo, select save as picture, and then print it out to use in your artwork. Pretty easy and lots of fun. You can print them on plain white paper and "tint" them with color pencils, or even watercolor pencils. Or if you like the aged look, you have a couple of choices. There are always Distress inks, Walnut ink for spraying and staining, and then my personal favorite, shoe polish. Grab a tin of shoe polish and a paper towel and work away. This is only a paper photocopy, so if you don't like it, print another copy of the photo and try again.

I thought these little children were precious and begged for my attention. Give them wings. Give them crowns. Reduce or enlarge them. Use them on ATC's. I taught a class several years ago and we used a photocopies of a little guy, transferring his images to marble tiles. Now that was a lot of fun. I'd already adhered the photocopies face down onto gel medium slathered onto the tiles. It had to dry overnight you see. Next day when everyone arrived in the studio they selected a tile, but had no idea what image they'd gotten. We went to work, spritzing with water and rubbing off the paper to reveal the image transfer. I remember Lyn, an avid golfer, actually got the little guy holding a golf club. Sheer luck, but what luck it was for her! Let's say you've printed out copies of these using a color printer. You're guaranteed to get the sepia tone of the originals. Now take that single copy to Staples or Kinkos and make more color copies. Again, play around with the sizes. Next take the time to "tint" one or two with your pencils and go back for more color copies. I think you'll have a lot of fun with this, and if I'm right, do let me know.

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