Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Stampaway Class: Art Inspiration Boards

Who knew it would take me 2 weeks to post photos from Stampaway?  Help me Rhonda.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again...there are some very creative people out there.  Just take a look at these two photos, please.

In July I introduced the ladies at Stampfest to Washi Tape, and it was a huge hit, but the ladies at Stampaway loved it even more.  All of my sample boards have unfinished edges, but just look at the difference a border of washi tape can make.  Sheesh.
When it turned out so great on the first one, she couldn't resist that little bit of pizazz on the rest.
And she also used it to accentuate a few of my favorite sayings that I'd printed for everyone.  The photo above says: When in doubt, twirl.

And my new Australian friend, Lorraine, whom I first met in my classes at Stampfest, was back to join the fun in Cincinnati.  Oh how I love those smiling familiar faces in the crowd.

The little bird is of course from Coffee Break Designs, as are the butterflies in this next photo.

And Lorraine took a shine to that very same phrase.  Guess I'll add that to my next set of rubber stamps!
When I'm planning out my kits I always wonder what will have mass appeal, and for this class I decided we should all be kids again and play with a simple set of watercolors.
Of course it probably helped that I gave everyone their very own water reservoir brush to use in class and keep for future play.
Of course you know who these boards belong to, don't you?
You would if you've been in my classes over the last 12 or 13 years at Stampaway, because Tammy is always present, and she always goes for shades of turquoise.  I love a girl who knows what she likes!
Some people were willing to experiment with multiple colors...

and pattern layouts...

Some were happy with the process throughout, while some questioned their choices.  But in the end, we were quite the happy bunch.
Cindy really liked the washi tape, hopping from table to table, since there were varieties scattered across the room.

Lots of time was spent working quietly, eating candy, cutting, pasting, coloring...

 And then I discovered one who didn't want to use the boards at all, preferring to use her own tags that could be added to the pages of her journal.

The finest quality of all.

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