Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I found this photo on flickr and couldn't resist posting it. Now how cute is that?
I'm worried, as I do every year, that we don't have enough candy. We do of course, but what if I were to run out? So I'm forced to go buy another bag today, hopefully Smarties, since they're my favorites. Once all the Butterfingers and 3 Muskateers are gone, I'll start with the Smarties. That way I'm guaranteed to have candy leftover that I actually like.
We never did carve a pumpkin this year, but I've got my electric pumpkin on legs that looks like a spider on the porch along a few other decorations. Our skeleton normally hangs on a spring from the gutter so that it dangles, bobs & weaves in the wind. Right now it's hanging from the porch light right in the middle where everyone's gonna hit it, so that will be remedied shortly.
Yesterday a tiny neighbor asked if I'd be giving away toys again this year along with the candy. Of course I said; are you coming over? Big grins, and oh yes followed in a high squeaky voice. Some of you know that I buy a kid's meal for lunch and save the toys all year long for Halloween. I pull out the big wicker trunk and let them rummage through, choosing their own treat. But this year I've had few lunches out and the toy chest is frightfully shallow. I hate the thought of disappointing my little ghouls and goblins. Last year I had a tiny tot arrive really early with Dad who said "my wife and daughter say you have toys and that you were to be our first stop". Very funny. So if you're eating lunch out for the next 12 months, consider a kid's meal and start saving your stash.
Mini Cooper and Mercedes, our new Scottie puppies, were spayed this morning. The vet called moments ago to say they're in recovery, side by side, so they'll awaken to see one another. Now how sweet is that? I must say, they're not Duffy, and we suspected as much. But I highly recommend buying 2 puppies instead of one. They entertain one another all day and all night and it's like watching kittens to see those little nuts together. Mercedes takes after me and would rather sleep than breathe. At any hour of the day or night you can put her on the couch and within seconds she literally collapses onto her side to snooze. Mini prefers never to sleep, always sitting up, or climbing over her sister, or biting her sister, or whatever is required to make her play. The vet is worried that they'll only want to sleep tonight and the doorbell might be bothersome, so maybe I'll send them to the second floor family room with dad since you can't hear the bell up there.
Which reminds me. When we bought our house 6 years ago the second floor was completely unfinished. Within 6 months it was complete but we never thought about the doorbell. And here we are, 6 years later, and I continue to forget. Need to put that on the honey-do list.
November is blogging month and I've been challenged to post every single day. I'm wondering if I'm up to the challenge, but thinking I might give it a try. It may be ramblings and photos rather than crafting, but we'll see. I've already got a few ideas and can't wait for tomorrow.
I'm glad the weather's mild so my little trick-or-treaters will be out and about. Gotta get the camera ready because I tell you, some of them are just too precious. Did I mention this is my absolute FAVORITE holiday of the year? Love, love, love it. Gotta look for another bag of candy corn today. The 2 bags I bought went pretty fast and the 2 I got for my birthday went even faster.
Tomorrow is a big day with places to go and people to see. One of my candidates is in town and I've got my tickets and can't wait to stand in line for a few hours. But first there's a baby I've got to go see. It's the first of the month which means new magazines on the shelves so a trip to the bookstores is on my to-do list as well.
And may I just say, if you love a good read, I can't say enough incredible things about The Last Girls by Lee Smith. I thought her book Fair and Tender Ladies was as good as it gets, but the second one was even better. Now I can't wait to get back to the library and check out another...and another...and another.
Better start my to-do list now. Come back tomorrow, won't you?

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