Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Makes You Happy?

Not everyone is happy on this day after the elections. But what does it take you make you happy, or to at least make you smile? Would a bouquet of flowers bring a little sunshine your way?
How about memories of playing with tinker toys as a child? I still remember my son playing with his just as I'd done with mine. We still have his toys like the Light Bright, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, etc, so his childhood is never far away in my mind.

Last week we had to bring our potted plants in for the winter. We'd spent the better part of an afternoon last year sifting through broken crockery my step-daughter had given us, and what fun we had decorating a really big terra cotta pot. Sitting in my kitchen now I love it, though my husband says he likes it better on the deck. Maybe I'll move it up to the studio to cheer me, but I'm also thinking about all those boxes and containers still filled with crockery that needs a new home. Maybe it's time to decorate more pots and a mirror.

I've still got my tiny paper parasol centerpiece displayed in the studio, though there's so much eye candy in the room that I doubt anyone else has even noticed it. But I see it everytime I'm in the room and it still makes me happy.

I've always loved little white houses with picket fences. But have you ever seen a sweeter fence than this? Sometimes it's the little things that can bring us joy.

Now that the temperatures have begun to cool, I've had 2 cups of hot chocolate. The first was on my flight home from Cleveland. The Southwest flight attendant asked if I wanted a beverage, and on a whim I asked if he had hot cocoa. Sure enough he did and I've gotta tell you, it was nothing short of divine. When I gave back my cup along with my compliments he simply beamed, saying he'd made it with his own two hands and several passengers around me gave him a cheer along with me.

It's time to shop for pansies, one of my favorite flowers, to fill my window boxes, and this year I'm adding a flowering cabbage in each one. Is there a chance they'll get too big? You'd better believe it. Is that going to stop me? Not on your life.

Last week I had an unexpected trip to the dentist. We'd bought a pound of salt water taffy at the state fair which is one of those annual treats at best. But since we'd skip the fair last year it had been a really long time since I'd had any. Wouldn't you just know it would pull out the only crown in my mouth? So there I sat last Tuesday, waiting for my dentist to work his magic and put it back in my mouth while I watched lots of little birds enjoying one of two birdfeeders he has positioned right outside the examination room window. Kudos to you and/or your staff Dr. S for thinking of it!!! It wasn't anything fancy like the ones shown in this photo, but it attracted the birds who put on quite a show for me and took my mind off my worries for a few minutes.

If you like to give gifts to the neighbors during the holidays, why not include some sidewalk chalk for the kids. Ask them to create something in your driveway or new brick walkway, or just let them put a hop-scotch grid in front of your house. Then grab a rock and join them for a bit of fun. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

When we go visit my mother I'm always drawn to her porch swing mounted under the carport out back. When we'd visit her mother's house as children we loved her swing too. We've had a free-standing swing for two with an awning for the last 10 years but recently took it down as it was truly showing its age. The closest thing I have now is a glider that we got from my in-laws last year when they had to move into an assisted living facility. It's not the same as a swing, yet sitting on the deck in that glider always brings a smile to my face.

Lots of craft shows are coming to our area in the next few weeks, trying to entice us to spend a bit on gifts for friends, relatives, and neighbors. Everytime I see a booth where they've taken old china cups & saucers, mounting them on spindles to create simple little bird feeders, I'm tempted to buy one for my flower beds. Do they go with the design of my house? Not in the least, and that's probably why I've resisted. But I'm thinking about all that crockery in the basement, both broken and still intact, and wondering if I can't make a bird feeder of my own.
Today I think we should all concentrate on our happiness, whether it's mailing a card with a handwritten note to a friend, planting a few pansies, digging through broken china, or reading a good book. Watch the first few minutes of The Bonnie Hunt Show; that's always good for a few laughs in my house. Ride by the local elementary school or childcare facility and watch the kids run around on the playground. Sip a cup of coffee or cocoa and admire the leaves in their autumnal splendor, or better yet, go out and rake them into a pile and then jump right in the middle of them! Pull out some inks & paints, rubber stamps & embellishments and make something joyful to keep for yourself or to give as a gift.
Whatever makes you happy should be your motivation today. I'm sipping my coffee and dreaming of hot chocolate, planning a trip to Home Depot for pansies and flowering cabbages. Look for me there, smiling.

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