Thursday, October 2, 2008

Technique Thursday

I'm thinking maybe Thursday would be a good time each week to post a new technique. Could be I'll post them every day and then skip a week or two, but for now let's give this schedule a try.
Prior to my trip to Cleveland I'd begun several techniques for journal pages. And this is one I did at that time, though not for the actual page...more for snippets to be stamped, cut out and mounted on a journal page.
I designed my own line of rubber stamps several years ago and I'm pleased to say I have new designs on their way. Since my passion is creating backgrounds, you'll notice my first images were shapes and patterns. These are the images I've used on the artwork below.

Begin with bold image rubber stamps, white glossy cardstock, several dye-based ink pads, and a clear embossing ink pad. I was trying out the new Watermark pad by Clearsnap when I made these samples and I'm happy to report that they not only leave a watermark on colored cardstock, but they work beautifully as a resist ink. Stamp your bold images on the glossy white cardstock with your choice of a clear ink. I did multiples at once, so by the time I did several, the first ones were dry enough to use. A heat gun will set the ink, but I truly don't find them necessary.
After stamping your images, I used the Clearsnap stylus tools & white foam tips for the direct-to-paper application of multiple ink colors. My favorites continue to change but you'll recognize Lime Green and/or Spring Green a lot, Cornflower Blue, Aqua & Teal, Orchid & Garnet. If you prefer a monochromatic look, by all means use multiple shades of one color. I could easily have used Bermuda Blue, Inky Blue, Aqua, Cornflower Blue, etc. Just experiment and see what appeals to you.
Next I used the very same rubber stamps but with the Vivid ink pads, overstamping to create more patterns. You'll see my large and small swirls as well as my row of diamonds show up easily even with the mottled background.
Now select some of your favorite images and a black ink pad. I was using Ancient Page Coal Black ink and I've gotta tell you, it stamps beautifully. The foam pad really distributes the ink well over the entire surface of my stamp. The images featured here are Stamper's Anonymous, Invoke Arts, and the inchies are ones I bought from Artful Illusions at the Stampaway convention.

We used lots of the new Invoke Arts images in my classes last week and I want to point out a tip for you. Lots of people look at an image and think it's too detailed, or that they'd never take the time to color each element of the stamp. Well neither would I! Which is precisely why I make fabulous, colorful backgrounds and then overstamp in black. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Once the ink is dry, I cut out the individual images and mount them onto black cardstock. The black layering ties it all together with the black stamped image. Do you see the detail of all my background images on this large Mona face? I could still take a marker and color her lips or add eye shadow for even more impact. And if I'd gone with a monochromatic theme of colors, she'd have been even more dramatic.
Hope you'll give this a try. And by all means email me a photo or two that I can post on my blog to share with everyone. If you're too timid for that, at least send the photo for me to enjoy.

If you want to try this technique with a twist, use a brayer to apply your inks. It will give you a completely different look. Or try it with only 2 colors of ink...yellow and a paler shade of yellow for instance. Make a few inchies or ATC backgrounds. Just have fun!

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