Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Warning! Glitter in the Studio

Make no mistake, I am NOT a fan of glitter. I don't care how pretty the colors are, how cute the container might be, how delicate and finely milled it is, when you're near it, it gets into and onto everything.
At the Gary Burlin trade show in Cleveland one of our make & takes was using the new Clearsnap Design Adhesives and their new glitter packaging. The colors are gorgeous. The adhesive strips in the shapes of ornate borders, holly leaves, flowers, dragonflies, etc are all fabulous. And the new packaging makes you think of a cross between a Pez dispenser and a breath mint dispenser. Great packaging, but hey, it's still glitter.
I was covered in it from the moment we set up the table, pouring all 8 colors into tidy trays, adding tiny spoons to each one in preparation for the fun. It was everywhere and on everyone. One gal told me I looked like I'd been snorting glitter. Give me strength.
Jenny and I began to tidy up at the end of the evening in preparation for my morning classes in the same room, and she stacked all 8 tidy trays on the floor, just at the end of the table. Not under the table mind you, so as I'm trying to wipe all that glitter off the tabletop, I stepped right into those trays, filling my shoes with a bit of every color.

Now I'm home, unpacking all those suitcases, putting away supplies and you guessed it. Each suitcase is filled with loose glitter. My clothes were covered in it, but now my craft sheets, my ink pads, my spritzer bottles, are all coming out with that gorgeous, finely milled glitter clinging to every surface. I finally gave up and came back downstairs. The suitcases are still in the middle of the floor, partially unpacked. The table tops are covered and yes, I'm spreading that glitter everywhere.
So Thursday night when all the gals show up for stamp club, they should come prepared. You're surely going to sit in it, touch it, and see it where you least expect it...including on my face and in my hair and on my clothes. Which is why I've decided my show & tell will include at least one sample of the Design Adhesives fully glittered. Check back on Friday for photos. I'm hoping I won't be the only one shimmering in the room.

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