Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Product, 2 Techniques

If you've been reading my posts, I talked about a new Clearsnap product we introduced to store owners at the Gary Burlin Trade Show in Cleveland several weeks ago. Design Adhesives are patterns of adhesive sandwiched between 2 release papers. Patterns vary from flowers to dragonflies to leaves and more. In this post I'm going to show you 2 techniques using a strip of flowers. There are 4 flowers to the strip, but I'm showing the completion of only 2 today because my next post is going to show a finished piece with this product used as an accent.
Each package contains 4 strips of one design. In the above photo you can see the designs on the bottom of the sleeves.
Because I want to showcase the application of Pearl Ex powders and gold leafing, I'm adhering these to glossy black cardstock.
Peel back the brown release paper slowly and you'll see that the adhesive pattern is on the clear release paper. If you peel too quickly you may distort the adhesive pattern, so work slowly. Several of the patterns can easily be cut apart, meaning I could've cut just one of these flowers off for my demo.
After removing the brown release paper, exposing the adhesive, place your image or strip adhesive-side down onto your surface. Using only the pads of your fingers, rub over the release paper. No extra pressure is needed, no special tool, simply pressing with your fingers is all it takes. You'll see the color of the adhesive intensify as it's transferred. In the above photo the flowers appear black because the adhesive has transferred to the black cardstock. These can be used on any color of paper, any finish, solid in color or with pattern.
For the first technique I'm going to apply 5 colors of Pearl Ex pigment powders
Don't use a cotton swab for this because the cotton will stick to the adhesive. I'm using a tiny tool with a felt ball on the end. You can also use a toothpick to flick the powder onto the adhesive and then rub with your finger. Simply wipe off the excess pigment powder with a soft cloth.
My second technique uses variegated gold leafing in silver, brass, gold, copper, red, purple, and a tiny bit of green. Any brand of leafing will work. Place tiny bits of the leafing on sections of the exposed adhesive. You could use one color only, or a mix of several. Again, press down with the pads of your fingers to make sure you've covered all the adhesive. Don't worry about overlaps of the leafing. Using a fluffy brush you'll be able to brush away all the excess, exposing only the bits that have adhered.
Here you can see 2 of my flowers, side by side, with totally different looks, yet each is fabulous.
Other products can be applied to these Design Adhesives such as Chalk, Perfect Pearls, Glitter, Embossing Powder, Micro Beads, and more. Hope you'll give them a try.

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  1. Fairytale style, I've been thinking about putting together a good number of pictures and stories for a fairytale book, mature and dark. We'll see what happens with that. This one is inspired by an old story - you might know which - but with a different theme. Trying out new techniques again, I love to test new things.


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