Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Playing Catch Up: STARS

Once again I'm eating lunch and trying to update my blog. My stamp club, STARS, met last week at the home of Laurie, a founding member who was gracious enough to open her doors when my front walk became a gigantic hole. (It's now filled with decomposed granite that was dumped yesterday; they brought more than 2ce what we needed, so before you see the filled hole, you see this huge pile sitting on my very expensive sod!)
Michele, Sharon, and Joyce brought their finished techniques and I've included just a few photos. Michele & Sharon both put their techniques in the provided tin, which is exactly what I used for the Stampaway class. I tried to take a few close up shots of certain techniques because as I've said everytime I've taught this class over the last 5 years, the backgrounds don't really look like much until you stamp an image using black ink. And boy, aren't they something!
All the club members were impressed with the accordian pages that dropped out, and loved the fact that there were finished works of art on both sides on the pages. Don't you just love this?
The photo above shows one of my newest, and now favorite techniques. And Joyce forgive me, but this has to be said. At the end of the guinea pig class she tossed her pieces into my trash, thinking they weren't so special. But once she saw the transformation take place when stamped, she dug them back out, used my stamps, and loved the end result.
I'm so fortunate to know all these gals, but more importantly to have them sign up to be my guinea pigs. Whatever would I do without them?

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