Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Night Preview Party at Stampaway 2008

That's water I'm drinking by the way. Meet Don, owner of Rubber Stamp Tapestry along with his wife Susan. Don won the contest for best pajamas. Was there any question?
Judi of JudiKins was simply precious with her hair up in curlers, and those pink socks really finished off the look.
Greg of Marco's Paper is always a good sport, and this year was no exception. If I had to wear that face cream at night I'd learn to live with wrinkles.

My thanks to Lynda for taking the photos while in the midst of her allergic reaction. She was covered in hives and by this time her hands were so red and swollen she'd taken off her rings.
Stampaway is the only convention I've ever attended where you're not only entertained by the costumes, but you're also fed like royalty. This year they had the carving station (the turkey was divine!), hot chicken strips fried to perfection, my annual favorite, the potato bar which included all the toppings of your dreams (I stuck to the shredded cheddar cheese), the fruit & cheese table, and of course the desserts. Connie, once again you've really outdone yourself.
Since I taught 2 classes back-to-back on Friday there was no time to eat, so this little feast was exactly what I needed. The fact that I got to sit with Lynda, Tammy, and Gary Burlin was a real treat. And Tammy introduced me to Gaye Medbury, who'd been asking for an introduction. Nice meeting another instructor.
My first stop of the night was the Artful Illusions booth, and of course I had to go back on Saturday for a few more goodies. Don't know how I missed the Eclectic Marketplace last year, but I made up for it this year, coming home with fabulous vintage photographs. I'll be sure to post those for your viewing pleasure over the weekend, assuming I can figure out the new scanner.
Invoke Arts was all abuzz again this year. It was lovely to see Kate & Bob again, but I sure missed Matt. And this was the first time in year's that I didn't demo for them all day on Saturday, so my regrets to everyone who came by looking for me. A girl needs a day off once in a while!!
Thanks again to all my friends, both old and new, who continue to make this convention so rewarding for me. I had more fun than anyone, even without my voice, so thanks for the memories. Photos of the classes will be posted this weekend, so please check back.

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