Friday, June 20, 2008

STARS Shine in Studio!!

Just as predicted, stamp club was a great event last night! So much talent, so much fun...don't you wish you'd been there? I snapped these photos during show & tell while everyone was still in their seats (except Sharon who's standing and me of course, taking the photos).

For our project last night I led them through the transformation of a 2-pocket report cover, turning it into a lovely portfolio. I'd taught a class on these years ago but with a different end result, so it was fun to see them using something old in a new way. Sharon was challenged with the application of her ribbon closure, which got lots of laughs. And Michele brought her new flip video camera which was passed around to everyone's amusement.

For refreshments I'd baked brownie bites and served them with individual cups of vanilla ice cream. How can you NOT serve ice cream in June!?

Enjoy the photos. More to come...

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  1. Last night was my first time with the STARS and it was awesome! Linda is a charmer and the rest of the ladies were so gracious that I can't wait to return.


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