Friday, June 20, 2008

Funny Story, Fabulous Books in Fabric

I talk fast. I walk fast. I do everything in a hurry, except it turns out, when I'm asked to create a fabric journal. Do I know how to sew? Nope. Did I make mistakes? You better believe it!!! My poor doll went through the wringer lots of times before I finished stitching her up, and then I still had to get her sewn onto the front of my journal, which had to be quilted by hand!! Have mercy, it was too much fun.

Just ask Ophelia who makes quilts to sell. We had lunch in the middle of the day and while she ate, I was still butchering that precious little doll, doing everything wrong. We laughed, and are still laughing about that poor thing, but I'm in love with the idea, with the techniques I learned, and with the end result.

Do I have a photo of mine to publish here? Nope. But I do have some fabulous journals I photographed in class. Drool over these til I get mine up here, and then email and rave about my talent. I dare you.

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  1. You are just amazing....Yes, you had quite a story to tell of the actual creation of your fabric book, but it turned out absolutely Wonderful!!!


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