Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jittery in June

Things have been crazy this month around my house. Both family members and friends have had dog is sick in a bad way...and my husband's gotten himself a new job. Add to that my trip next week to Orlando for Stampfest and you can imagine how busy I've been.

I'm packing kits now for my 3 classes, making sure I've got everything needed for each technique, guessing at the bangle sizes I should pack, and making sure the Gypsy Pendant kits have all the itty bitty embellishments to make them unique. The good news: I'm flying out first class so I'm allowed to check THREE bags!! Which means I don't have to ship my supplies; they can go in my luggage instead. For the trip home I can nest one suitcase inside the next so I have just one bag to check. Life is good in the fast lane.

Hosting stamp club tonight in the studio. Wish I could say it was all neat and tidy, but there's still tweaking to be done. With luck I'll have photos to post tomorrow showing off all of our talent.

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