Friday, May 23, 2008

May Madness & Inspiration

Another month is coming to a close and many of us are excited about the upcoming 3-day weekend. Well, maybe excited is too strong a word for me personally. Last weekend we began hooking up my new computer, which seems simple, and yet, it's not done. But in anticipation of the new flat screen monitor, I decided to rearrange the studio for the zillionth time. And as with the computer, this too is not done. Instead the entire 500 square feet is in total disarray. Every flat surface is covered with piles and stacks, and I can't find anything. Just this morning I wanted to trim my bangs and couldn't find a pair of decent scissors. This from a woman with over 2 dozen pair!!

Now I'm thinking to myself that I've made a mistake. I don't like that 7' farm table with the intense purple legs sitting out from the wall, dividing the front of the room. And besides, after I put everything back on it, there's nowhere to put the computer! Not to worry, I like the push & shove of it all. So tomorrow while the plumber and electrician work on the master bath redo, I'll be working on a redo of my own upstairs. (Just between us, I've got the 2-hour season finale of Grey's Anatomy on the DVR in the family room, which means I need to find something tedious I can carry in there and sort while I watch that, but then seriously, I'll be back at it with a vengeance!)

Mother has bought me a Singer sewing machine so I can make more of the Fabric Persona Journals like the one I made at Art & Soul with Keely Barham. And she's invited us to come for Sunday dinner, spending the night & playing dominos, before sending me home with my new toy. And that means I've really got to make the hours in the studio count tonight & tomorrow!

Wish me luck and check back for progress reports.

And Happy Memorial Day! I'll be having homemade ice cream, hot dogs & watermelon. Here's wishing more of the same for you!

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