Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Stampfest with Just For Fun Rubber Stamps

There's one great thing about visiting Orlando at the end of June each year, and that's all the great friends you get to play with over the course of 4 days. 

My roommate this year was Bonnie, sitting right below me on the right, and what a funny little bird she turned out to be.  Sure hope she's my roomie next year!
Don't you just love this card?  This was our make & take project at the Friday Night Party where about 120 brave souls raced from room to room, table to table, in an attempt to complete all the projects while still leaving time for divine cakes served out in the covered courtyard area.

Here's that very same card but with a totally different color palette, one I think I actually prefer.  Of course I had to bring this stamp home with me.

This tree and flower were my favorites at the Just For Fun booth.  They had other sample cards on display in the booth, but the colors on this one stole my heart.  Brought these home too.

This new Stamptangle apple was available in 2 sizes; I chose the smaller of the 2.  You know you love it as much as I do; admit it!

Another new image, also available in 2 sizes, and again I went with the smaller of the two.  Love the sample card made by Sandy where she layered the pumpkin.  Have to try that myself.

This one is a favorite from last year.  I bought it to stamp in black over one of my background creations, but don't you love it with all that detailed color?

How much do you love this card above?  The image was repeated to create that background.  Yes, I got one of these too.

I didn't get any of the chicken stamps, but just check out the difference it makes in the one with the zebra stripes when you add different colors.  Amazing.

Aren't all these samples fabulous?  Debby and Rick have a great team of worker bees creating these and hundreds more which are displayed beautifully in their booth.  If you're coming to the Winston Salem NC show on July 19th, bring your camera!  You're always welcome to take photos for inspiration.  Just as I've done with all these and more.

And this is Jackie, the Queen who designed all these Stamptangle images.  What a creative mind!

I'll be back with more photos from my classes and the gals who came by the booth on Saturday & Sunday for my make & take cards.  So many lovely people made me forget about the humidity and heat and those thunderstorms outside while we stayed inside to play.

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  1. Love these stamps.. I really like the tree and the apple.. but all are gorgeous!


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