Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stampfest Part Two

I've finally recovered from my trip to Florida and back.  Working in the Just For Fun booth was as much fun as ever.  This is Shayla who visits me every year for the Friday Night Make & Take Party as well as both days for the make & takes in the JFF booth.  Seriously, she's been coming for about 6 years now and this time, she warned me she's in training to replace me!  Can you see that blue in her hair?  There were 3 gals with that very shade of blue in their hair although all of them swear they started out with a different shade, and no, they didn't know one another.

This is Shayla with her Mom and Grandmother.  Not sure where her Aunt Paula is, but trust me, these 4 gals can cover a convention, repeatedly, for 2 days, and every time they pass by, they're still smiling, always taking a minute to stop and chat, and shop!  Great customers and great friends. 

See what I mean about the blue hair?   Not sure if this is a FL thing or not, but I haven't seen it here in NC.

Leslie and Carolyn look pretty happy, don't they?  A couple of brave souls who played in class with me and survived to visit the booth afterward.  Real troopers!

This is Karen who comes to play each year, and every year I tell her she has a twin in Apex NC who was a nurse in my doctor's office.  Wish I knew how to contact Cindy to show her this photo.

Pardon the blurred passerby, but I wanted you to see that smile.  Standing in line for a chance to make a card isn't the most fun you'll ever have at a rubber stamp convention, but these ladies are real troopers.

This is Danielle who told me about a great find on sheet music books, so fingers are crossed that she's really going to send me a box through the mail.

Tracy took my card making class and came by the booth on Saturday to tell me how much she'd enjoyed the class.  But more importantly, she brought along 2 of the cards she'd made, telling me she'd stayed up until 2 am putting her own spin on the technique.  I was busy with the make & takes but now I wish I'd taken a photo of her cards while I was snapping this one of her jewelry which matched her outfit so beautifully.

Now don't they look happy?  Wish I'd taken a good photo of the seahorse cards they were making all day on Sunday.  Unfortunately my one attempt was too blurry to show.

Wish you could've been there to play with us.  Truly.  You'd have been smiling too, playing with all those markers, making a nice card or two and resting your weary self before bouncing up to do a bit more shopping.

I was smiling on Saturday morning, but I was totally sleep deprived.  I'd taught a class on Friday from 12-2 followed by a second class from 3-5, and then without lunch or dinner I was back downstairs at 6:30 to lead a table for the make & take party.  Trust me, I didn't look any better on Sunday morning since Bonnie & I went to Buffalo Wild Wings after midnight for my very late supper.  And if anyone tells you their mild sauce is mild, run fast and far, because it's not true!    Makes my eyes water even now, just thinking about it.

See Leslie and Carolyn down at the end of the table?  This was during my card making class with 20 brave souls who swore they enjoyed the class and the techniques.

There's Danielle at the end of the table and Tracy 2 seats from the end.  That intense blue must be her signature color.

If you're a stamper you'll understand that sometimes you just have to stand up.

See what I mean?  Wish I'd taken photos in my other 2 classes, but alas, I was running around, setting out supplies, too busy with way too much ink on my hands to grab a camera. 

Thanks to all who came to play.  Hope you had as much fun as me!

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