Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Fun

Are you enjoying your summer, doing lots of fun things outdoors?  We took in an All Star Baseball game last week at the Durham Bulls Ballpark.  So much fun!  Perfect weather.  Nice and cool with a steady breeze.  Someone wore shorts and complained about cool legs...not me.

Lots of people were eating peanuts and cracker jacks, popcorn and hot dogs.  But you guessed it...not me!

Tiny tot came and spent a weekend, and ate all the things his daddy says he won't eat, like ice cream, and cheese, and potatoes.  I suspect the key is letting him pull up his stool and participate when you're preparing his twice-baked potato, including shredding the cheese and mashing with a fork, or filling the gluten free ice cream cone with Breyer's French Vanilla ice cream.  He didn't know the cone was GF, but it didn't matter since he wouldn't eat it anyway.  He ate his weight in steak, several times, and then asked for pizza afterward.  Kids! 

And when he says he doesn't eat bacon, ignore him.  Then sit back and watch him eat 5 strips along with his eggs which he also doesn't eat, and toast.  Amazing how close those tiny teeth can come to the crust without ever touching it.  Maybe it was all that homemade grape jelly his great grandmother made.

We drove to Wilson to view a home on the historic preservation list that's for sale.  Oh my.

We own 4 cars and have a 2-car garage on the first floor and another on the basement level of our current home.  That tiny little 2-car garage behind this house just isn't big enough.  Think we can sell 2 of the 3 convertibles?  Me neither.

And yes, I love that brick courtyard on the side and the screened-in porch.  But I also love my 2nd floor deck with the pergola and ceiling fan just as much.

Am I impressed with that brick wall that surrounds the entire corner lot?  You better believe it!  But will my yard man come to Wilson to keep it looking like this?  Not so sure, but it's definite that neither of us wants to take on that project on a regular basis.

Ah, to dream...

Remember my little friend in FL who promised to share her sheet music books?  Well she came through big time!!  Oh Danielle, you're a wonder!

I was clever enough to photograph it before I opened it, but then I was too busy checking out the huge bag of buttons she sent me and rifling through the pages of the 4 huge volumes of music to think about the camera.

So do come back for a quick visit later this week to see them in all their glory as I start preparing my kits for Stampaway classes.  You won't be disappointed.

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