Monday, July 8, 2013

On the Road to Stampfest Orlando

I have to admit this isn't exactly what I'd planned to post upon my return from FL, but I didn't want to forget.

If you're making the drive down I-95 from NC to FL, or vice versa,  look for Darien GA.  I think it was exit 49 but don't hold me to that.  There was an older billboard, low to the ground, advertising B&J's Steak & Seafood, which we noticed last year and couldn't resist visiting a second time.  Mind you, it isn't an upscale restaurant at all, and it wasn't new or fact, when you see the condition of the sign it's a pretty good indication of the restaurant itself.  A place where the locals eat, which always indicates great food. 

But don't let the outside or inside appearance deter you.  We were blown away last year and this year it was even better.  We shared a plate of shrimp, cleaned out back under a metal carport set up in the grass and couldn't eat them all.  Too much black pepper in the slaw and the fries are battered, both must be GA style because we don't do either in NC.  But forget those and concentrate on the shrimp.  Over 30 huge shrimp on that plate.  (Sorry we couldn't resist diving in before I thought to snap the photo.)

And I'm posting this photo of my club sandwich at the International Palms Resort in Orlando, host hotel of StampFest.  How much did I love that little fry basket filled with homemade chips?!  Wanted to bring it home with me.

But I didn't.  Couldn't finish my sandwich either.  But you know me...presentation is everything!

Do come back.  I promise I have photos from my classes to share.

Can you tell it's lunch time?