Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Too Sick to Come Out & Play

Cough, cough...wheeze...honk, honk...gasp.
I've been sick since December 16th and I'm none too happy about it.
Just when I think I might get better, this stuff whacks me back down.  Today my voice is gone...nothing but a wheezy rasp amidst lots of coughing spells.

I've done a tiny bit of art because I had to get my Stampaway submissions in for the deadline.  These are tiny snippets as you can see.

Finally celebrated Christmas with my family on Sunday night, (if you can call it that) .  Such a giving person I am...shared this stuff with my husband, son, mother, and now my brother's sequestered.

The wreath is still on the door, decorations are scattered in piles, the tree is still in the living room...

And I'm flying to LA on Thursday for CHA!  Thank goodness for a new bottle of cough syrup with codeine.  Everyone on the flight will be grateful for that.

This is the view outside my kitchen window.  Those tiny $3 crepe myrtle trees we bought at the Habitat for Humanity re-use store a couple of years ago are now as tall as our second story deck.  Mini Cooper & Mercedes Benz asked for their bench to be moved in front of the window so they could watch for birds and squirrels, and since they asked so nicely, I couldn't resist.

Not that I've been dawdling in front of the window admiring the view.  Nope.  I've been in the bed, punching pillows, trying to get comfortable and avoid coughing long enough to fall asleep.

Time to doze.  Again. 
Just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year.