Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chunky ATC Fun at Stampaway!

When I return home from Stampaway I'm always exhausted and ready to rest for a few days, weeks, months... But that's not how it works. Applications for next year's convention will be showing up in the mail in the blink of an eye, and it's hard to decide what I want to teach next year when I just finished up classes for this year. But look at these photos and you'll understand why I always come up with something to guarantee I'll be back again.
The description for this class began with "what do wooden blocks, decorative & antique papers, clip art & vintage tickets have in common?" I think that sparked a bit of interest. But it didn't hurt that I mentioned play with Distress inks, Grungeboard, & Tim's Ideaology line either. We had a full house for this class, 41 very talented ladies, and there were no complaints about crowding or lack of anything. The round tables were a first for me at this convention and I loved them!! I think all these gals did too.

There's Barb, owner of The Creative Stamper in KY. She's been a regular in my classes for years, having fun and truly enjoying herself. The 5 of us who flew in from NC went to visit her new store late Saturday and as we wandered around I found so many projects on display that she'd completed in my classes. Made me happy to see them all, so thanks Barb for sticking with me when there are so many great classes to choose from at this event.

And Cecile...I was having such a rough week that I missed going to dinner en masse. My apologies for being such a harried mess this year, but you know I love ya!! And next year I'll be flying in under a cloak of secrecy so if you're still game, I've got a little surprise planned just for you.

Now doesn't this just say it all? Happy, pleased, talented gals who come back for more each time I come to Cincinnati. (You better email if you're serious about my retreat!!)

Denise wanted specific colors that I didn't provide. I made her stretch and I think she was pleased. Several ladies wanted Broken China, which is such an intense blue that I opted to save it. Instead I offered Weathered Wood which has a hint of blue and a hint of grey, and the stained papers were lovely. Each kit contained white silk flowers that we spritzed with Distress inks. And that's where they found the Broken China. Those little flowers made a far bigger impact than they would have on the blocks themselves.

Kelly and Shara (hope I spelled that right) were back for more as well, and were pleased as punch with their end result. If you look back at the Stencil class photos you'll see they were in attendance for that class as well. I don't know how I get so lucky each year to see these girls in my classes along with all the new faces, but it's a joy for me.

Kits contained everything needed and then some. I'd rather be far too generous and send you home with leftovers than have anyone feel something was missing.

And Tammy who lives for turquoise was a surprise this year. She took all 3 of my classes again, which I think makes 6 years in a row, but she actually used PINK this time. Oh My Word!!! You could've knocked me over with a feather. You go girl!!

I love funny sayings and passed out sheets I'd typed up with things that make me laugh out loud each time I read them. It's always interesting to see who uses them on their projects and who takes them home to photocopy.

You'd think this was a quiet, serious group but nothing could be further from the truth. There was constant chatter and lots of laughter.

The group gathered at the front of the classroom were spraying their silk flowers, using the Mist It sprayers by Inspired Crafts. These things are the best kept secret in the world right now, so if you can find them, you'll want several.

My suggestion each time I teach the class is to think of the potential these little memory blocks offer as gifts. Add photos of your grandparents or your mother as a child. Use photos of your children throughout the various stages of their lives. Two of these would make great little bookends and when it's time to dust they can take a few minutes to walk down memory lane.

See how those Broken China flowers pop? Told you so.

Kits contained silk flowers, paper flowers from Prima, and paper flowers I punched myself from old library books. Who doesn't love flowers?

I provided everyone with a metal tin that contained a piece of Ranger's Cut N Dry foam, and Lori and I dispensed 2 colors of Distress inks to create their own personalized ink pads. Several asked for a third color during the class for accents around the edges of their blocks. If you take a close look at the above photo you'll see she used 2 of Tim's tokens as wheels for the car photo in her kit. What a clever idea!!
An enormous thank you to everyone who joined me in classes this year. I love teaching more than you can imagine and without you, where would I be?
Time to put on my thinking cap and see what I can come up with for next August. Wish me luck.

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  1. I's so glad that I live "down the road" from you and can be a guinea pig for all of your classes. But, these photos make me wish I was there too.


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