Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still Smiling

Now if that photo doesn't just put the icing on my fabulous day, I don't know what would. Have still my heart...that is one mighty nice lookin' guy. It's telling my age to say that he reminds me of my son who's also blonde and gorgeous, but still, he's not hard on my old eyes.

Speaking of which, I failed to post that just as promised, I'm pretty much accustomed to my new vision. Driving down the road exactly one week after surgery, headed back over to Duke for my check up, I suddenly realized I could read the street names and speed limit signs, even the realtor signs in various yards along the way. Now how incredible is that? If I spend too much time working up close (like those long hours leading make & takes at CHA) I stand up to walk and realize I can't really focus on things at a distance. But given enough time, everything rights itself and I'm tickled pink.

Yesterday I found out how many classes I'm teaching at Stampaway, was booked to teach a few more at Stampfest in Orlando for June, got my display trees via UPS (I have extras!), and had a lovely dinner at Outback. Today the weather is back in the mid to upper 70's for the third day in a row, I had pigs in a blanket for lunch, a Rice Krispie Treat for dessert (don't tell my doctor!!), and polished it off with a Mountain Dew. On top of that I got a box of goodies from Inspired Paper Crafts (look for a blog post about that tomorrow) and my order of new, fabulous stencils (again, lots of extras). Later this afternoon my new daughter-in-law is cutting my hair and I've fixed them a batch of Chex party mix to deliver, along with a sack full of brand new rubber stamps and some ink pads for her little girls. Oh, and I even enjoyed sitting in traffic today because it gave me a chance to toss my koosh ball around. (Yes, I'm still playing with that in my car.)

I'm still reading lots of books. While on vacation I read another one by Lee Smith called "Black Mountain Breakdown". And now I'm 2/3 of the way through "The Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam" by Chris Ewan. Our Sunday paper weeks ago noted his newest book (The Good Thief's Guide to Paris) saying it was worth reading, so I raced to the library and added it to my wish list. Found out he had this one and requested it as well. Naturally it became available first, which is fine with me because I'm just tickled pink with it. The book is written by a character who's an author who also happens to be a burglar. Suits my sense of humor just fine, thank you very much. Not that I plan to break into any safes with electronic key pads, but he did share a tip I would've been too blonde to figure out for myself. He dusted the key pad to reveal the 4 keys that were used repeatedly. Then it was just a matter of trying different combinations using those 4 digits to get the right one. Too clever for me.

It's looking like rain outside which reminds me I want to paint myself a pretty umbrella. Doesn't that sound like a fabulous class?

So keep smiling...I will be.

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