Thursday, January 22, 2009

Who are all these people & why are they on the road?

This is no joke. We left the hotel in Anaheim at 10:20am and didn't get back to the hotel until 7:30pm. We spent 2 hours at the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar and one hour eating dinner.
Do the math...that's 6 hours in the car!!! We're talking 8-12 lanes of traffic on these roads, bumper to bumper in all lanes, going at best 55 mph, but mostly 25. So my first question: why do people choose to live in California? And the bigger question? Doesn't anyone work in this state? Have they heard about the 9-5 workday? Do they know it exists? I think not.

Monday we visited the most dreadful car museum and paid $28 to walk through it. Today we visited the most INCREDIBLE museum that is FREE and fills 2 buildings!! It was so fabulous that we're going back tomorrow for a guided tour that's also free. Far too much to talk about, but I have to mention this. You know how expensive cars like the Rolls Royce has a hood ornament/radiator cap finial? They have multiple glass cases filled with these in metals and crystal. And we spotted a little Scottie!! Way cool baby!!
The building we went through today was filled with 100 cars. But the building across the street has cars on the first floor, furniture and musical items on the second and third floors. Hence the return visit tomorrow for the guided tour.

This photo is from the building we'll see tomorrow. Marble from multiple places all over the world, as are all the collections of the Nethercutt Museum. And a train car out back that was built to spec in 1912 by a 65 year old woman. We watched a video that had such amazing stories about the family that we can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow. Now you know I'm excited or I'd never consider getting back in that rental car again!!!

And if you ever find yourself in the Hollywood, Studio City area, please take time to eat at Jerry's Restaurant and Deli. It's expensive but so worth it! Clayton had pecan pie with whipped cream for dessert and I had the largest slice of carrot cake you've ever seen. I nibbled, Clayton nibbled, and we still brought 3/4 of it back to the hotel with us for a snack. Wish I could say I was ready for it now but I'm still stuffed from the pizza. Talk about atmosphere: they've got a bowling alley attached and you could watch people bowling. Again, just what I needed tonight. Yes, we were lost and stumbled across it, but wow, I'm so glad we did.
The adventure continues tomorrow. There's a HUGE swap meet we keep passing every day on I5, and I'm thinking tomorrow we might be forced to check it out after our 2 hour museum tour.
Stay tuned....

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  1. Girl, I'm thinking aboutcha! Glad you're having some fun out to you when you get back!xoLL


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