Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sunny California

We're in warm, glorious Anaheim CA for 2 weeks. Our first day here we cruised Rodeo Drive, visited the Peterson Car Museum, which was so totally nothing special. $8 to park, $10 each to get in and you expect great things. So imagine my joy as we're coming down in the elevator with another tourist who comments on the lack of cars. Little mister businessman in the elevator with us looks displeased and announces that he's the curator. Honey, make a note. Keep your mouth shut in the future if you're too self important to be bothered to listen to the paying guests. You come across as a schmuck.
We also toured the La Brea Tar Pit and Museum. Very informative, even if museums aren't my cup of tea.
Yesterday we went to a taping of the Bonnie Hunt Show. Again, not as enjoyable as I'd hoped. Love my gal Bonnie, but standing in line for hours, then sitting lined up for another hour, then seated and given a plain hotdog & Rootbeer weren't great. But I gotta say, she looks like a normal sized gal on TV but she's actually about a size 2 or 4 in real most a 6. Tiny little thing! So yes, the camera does add at least 10 pounds. The show will air tomorrow (Thursday) with Brooke Burke as a guest (winner of Dancing with the Stars). Another tiny little thing, all skin & bones, who looked more filled out on the monitor. Alice, Bonnie's Mom, was on the show via web cam, and that was good. But we spent an entire day for that "one hour" show. Life's too short.
Today we're off to yet another car museum. If the website can be believed, this one is gonna be FULL of cars and it's FREE!!!! Of course it's also an hour away, but hey, that's why we rented a PT Cruiser for a week.
We've called my mom daily to check on the puppies and she tells me she's got 4" of snow. Mind you the Scotties' legs aren't 4" long, so they're lost in it when she walks them. But she's taken pictures of them playing in it for us. Can't wait to see those. Their first snow and we've missed it. Hard to imagine snow when its 88 degrees, bright and sunny here.
CHA starts with a Tim Holtz class on Saturday morning for me, followed by booth set up. The show itself starts on Sunday, so look for great updates with photos!!!!!!

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