Monday, January 26, 2009

Day One and What a Day It Was!!!

I have photos but no way to download them, so be patient and they'll be here soon. In the meantime I have tidbits to share.

I had one hour to walk the show floor this morning and went almost immediately to 7 Gypsies. As Mindy was showing me all their new goodies (and there are SO many) my buddy Gary Burlin walks up and shopping went right out the window. 30 minutes later I was booked to teach at his event again this September in Cleveland and running to the DIY Bangles booth to get to work.

My 10am bangle make & take that was to last 45 minutes was still going strong at 11:45 when I chased off the people waiting for their turn. I was scheduled to start a second m&t on beads at noon for goodness sake! So I ate a snack bag of Goldfish crackers for lunch as I walked the 2 aisles nearest our booth.
When I finished my second m&t I was off to watch Tim Holtz demo. He made me a sample using the new colors of alcohol inks and said he'd brought me up in their marketing meeting, telling them "Lovely Linda's gonna go crazy over these". And of course he was right! They're deliciously fabulous and I can't wait for you to see them. Because he was making a sample for me I was late for my 2pm pendant m&t, but the ladies were seated and patiently waiting for me, thank goodness.
As I'm wrapping up this event cameras and lights are being set up behind me. I had time to freshen my lip color and then moved supplies to the clean table they'd set up where I joined Ana & Megan Araujo of "When Creativity Knocks" to tape a segment for their show. I fretted over my accent but they assured me everyone would love my "southern belle accent". Somehow I'm less sure. Megan began the segment saying "We're here with the lovely Linda Crofton", so I'm thinking that's pretty close to my Lovely Linda moniker and I can live with it. When she asked me how I was and I replied "peachy" she laughed out loud. Should I be embarassed?
We each made a bangle and they tell me they'll edit the 15 minutes down to about 5. I still think it qualifies as my 15 minutes of fame, don't you? I'm not sure when it will air, but I'll keep you posted on that.
Tomorrow the plan is to do the bangle m&t for 2 hours, and then combine the beads & pendants at 2pm, giving me a longer window of opportunity to actually eat lunch. Do I dare take time for food when there's so much show to see? I'm thinking I'll make that call tomorrow. I have decided to skip the demo at the Indie Craft booth tomorrow, but I'll be there on Tuesday for a longer demo to make up for it. I've got to decide what techniques I'll demo, and then get photos taken of each step so we can have them up on the big screen while I demo. Several vendors have given me colorants they're hoping I'll use, so I've got homework to do. Told you this was a working vacation!
We had an update on our puppies today. Mini Cooper chewed the clasp on Mercedes' collar and managed to get it off her. By the time mother returned from church it was history. A criminal in the making. Note to self: buy that puppy a new chew toy to dangle from her sister's collar so she'll leave the new collar alone.
I'm pleased to say we went to Outback tonight for dinner again, and may I say that more than made up for the missed lunch. Then we walked Kelly back to her hotel...5 very long, cold blocks each way, so I feel confident I burnt a few of those calories.
I'm watching a rerun of Two and A Half Men as I type this, but I should really be in the shower. It's midnight and tomorrow's going to be another very long day. Barb, if you're reading this, I wish you were here. So many goodies, so little time. They're calling for rain tomorrow so John Freida, I'm counting on your Frizz-Ease to tame my new perm.
Today's make & take at the Ranger booth was a tiny house pin using Claudine's acrylic paints and sticky back canvas. Too cute. Tomorrow Suze will be leading us in something fabulous, and Tuesday Tim will be in that hot seat. I'm pleased with the 2 samples he made for me today but I can't wait to see what he has planned for Tuesday.
I'll be back tomorrow night with more details of new goodies. Come back to visit.

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