Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Countdown has begun

Forgive me for a brief, lingering pause...I went to see Moneyball over the weekend and ... be still my heart  ...  He's such a pretty little thing, and I love baseball, so it was a great movie for at least 2 reasons.

Last night the purging began in the studio.  What to keep, what goes out in tomorrow's trash pick up.  Too much stuff, no matter how fabulous or  potentially fabulous it may be, is never a good thing.   I figure if I've had it in a box for over a year, it no longer has value.  Peter Walsh has proven this time and again, and I have to pay attention.  And my tiniest attic cubby (4x5) is about to be tackled tonight.  Surely if it's been housed behind that door since we bought the house, had the built-in bookcases done and created that little niche 9 years ago, it really needs to find a new home.  I'd love to think I have time to tackle the one that's 15' long, but we'll have to save that for another rainy day.

The ideas have been floating around in my head for some time...what type book/journal do I want to teach at my retreat in 11 days?  What will my assemblage piece look like?  How much ephemera can I incorporate into a day of classes?

The paper arts projects and the wearable arts project are finalized.  Oh my, they're too exciting for words. 

If you see lights on in the studio til the wee hours, don't be surprised.  Creativity is afoot.


  1. Oh Linda, The thought of the garbage man getting some of your stuff is making me weak in the knees. You ought to give it away over the internet or something. I might have to come down and help clean out. LOL
    Have fun in the retreat. I'll be thinking of you all.

  2. Makes me want to cry, too..

  3. Just when I was hoping you were counting down the days 'til you teach that promised card class...WRONG!


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