Monday, October 24, 2011

What is trash, really?

Before I chat about the retreat, let me clarify something from my last post.  The trash collectors didn't cart away anything of value.  Stamps, ink pads, books, magazines, etc were all donated to my daughter-in-law for her 2 little girls and for the private school they attend.  Mind you, there are still many boxes yet to be delivered to her.

The things that went in the recyling bin were empty containers, cardboard & chipboard rolls and boxes and pieces that I salvaged from the recycling bin and then put back in the bin for pick up last week.  You know, the sort of thing you keep because you see the potential, but you never get around to using.  Well, it went to the big recycling center in the sky, or wherever it is, because it was taking up far too much space in my studio.

The things that went in the trash were things I'd made, or started to make, or demo pieces from my classes that were never finished and would never be, no matter how long I kept them.

Most of the "trash" was paper that again went in the recycling bin on wheels.  Why do I print all those emails and tidbits anyway?  I could and did fill multiple drawers of file cabinets with printed instructions that are saved on my computer that I can reprint should I ever teach that class or technique again.

Imagine how many years I've been teaching.  Just slow down and think about that.  Now imagine that I plan for 20 in a class and only 16 show up, or I plan for 50 and 42 show up.  That means I'm bringing home extras everytime that I toss in a box for the trip home.  Then that box gets more tossed in the next time, and the next time, and so it goes.  Suddenly I have boxes filled to overflowing with printed matter that I can't possibly store.  So it becomes recycling material.  Shame on me.  These days I try not to do handouts in my classes for this very reason.  Instead I offer my email address open to questions that I'll gladly answer.

So no cause for alarm ladies.  You didn't miss out on a thing.  And if I ever decide to really dig through the clutter, I'll invite you all over and let you help dig.

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  1. Whew... I was worried. Thanks for clearing that up. LOL


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