Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stampaway USA 2011

What's the best thing about attending and teaching at Stampaway in Cincinnati each August?  Easily it's meeting up with old friends and making new friends.  This year my dear friend Mike Meador, owner of Coffee Break Designs, was sorely missed by so many of us, and certainly by me.  His wife, Chris, is on my right above and the new proprietor of Coffee Break Designs, Kris Hubick, is on my left.

Mike's booth was always my first stop, and it wasn't just for the quirky inventory, but for a chance to visit with him and Chris, always a highlight of my Ohio trip.  He was witty beyond words, never without a smile on his face, and the wink of mischief never far away.

Chris was gracious enough to give me a pin to wear with his photo and everytime someone would comment on it, I'd get teary eyed and have to walk away for fear I'd cry in front of a crowd.  He was loved and he is missed, but I'm so glad I got the chance to visit with Chris again and to meet Kristin face to face. 

Sharon was the only one of my local girls to attend, for her fifth year, and we were both exhausted when we returned home Sunday.  The good news:  according to an email from her yesterday, we've both caught up on some much needed sleep now that we're back in NC.

Another friend is Carol, whose husband Gil spent more time with me on Friday than she did.  We found ourselves together on an elevator ride and after an hour of chat outside the classrooms, parted ways; he to search for a local coin shop and me in search of food!

Carol has attended 2 of my art retreat weekends, and like several others, she wanted to know when the next one will be held.  Start looking at your October calendars girls!

I failed to get photos of Mary Jo McGraw, Cecile, Connie or Tammy.  I was too tired to think straight and never once pulled out a camera while we were on the show floor.  Michelle and Anne from St. Louis invited me to their room on Friday night after the Preview Party for our annual show & tell.  We missed Lori, who didn't attend this year, but still managed to eat pizza and laugh til 3am!!  And again I didn't take a single photo.  Sheesh!

I did get to visit with my pal Barb, even had a chance to sit and eat with her during the Friday night event.  She was dolled up here for the Flower Power theme.  When I asked if the curly locks were hers she said "Yes, I paid for them"!  Too funny.  I got a big hug and wouldn't you just know, she was covered with glitter, which meant of course that I was also covered with glitter for the rest of the night.  Help me Rhonda!

Greg of Marco's Paper was over-the-top fabulous as always.  One big flower.  Yep, that would be him.

Ted, at the Stamper's Anonymous booth, took flower power in a completely different direction.  How divine is he???

I failed to get a photo of my dear friends Joni & Mark, owners of Artful Illusions, but I did get one of Lemon Drop.  Isn't he a jewel?  And I liked his shirt so much that I bought one for myself.  (Actually bought 2, but one was the same artwork he's wearing, just in a lovely shade of brown to flatter my blonde hair.)
More to come, including photos from all 3 of my classes.  Thanks for dropping by and do come again.


  1. Linda, It was great seeing you again. The picture of me with my curly hair is divine, I must say (LOL). Can't wait til Stampaway XX, next year. I am checking out my October calendar, I've got open spots. Hope to be seeing you soon.

  2. It was so nice meeting you! You really are "lovely"! xoxo


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