Friday, August 19, 2011

Stampaway Art House Display Class

What do you get from Linda when she teaches an 8am class?  Shaky photos of less than crisp images.  My apologies, but these are all I have from my third class at Stampaway.  All you ladies who took my class are invited to share your photos with me so that I can post great pictures of your finished houses!  Seriously.
I packed everything but the kitchen sink for this class, just as I'd done for the other 2.  Roof choices were unlimited:  Monopoly money, vintage tickets in gray, blue & pink, tape measures, cigar box bands, wooden nickels, Chance & Community Chest Cards, Fortune Cards, Zodiac Cards, wooden dowels,...  I was out of control.

Here's a roof of gray tickets but check out those wooden nickels attached as trim.  Love it!

How about pink tickets (that once were red) and tape measures for accents?

This one had staggered rows of blue & pink tickets for shingles.

I admit it...this one was my favorite.  I loved the contrast of that red tape measure as a featured element, though the row of pink tickets wasn't bad either.

Ca Ching!  A roof made of money!  Ain't that the truth?
Days before flying to Cincinnati I found a bag of 4" long wooden dowels at the craft store.  And since the houses were 4" wide, I thought they'd be perfect.  Don't know if you can tell this is a round dowel, but it is.  Dimension at its best.

All the ladies selected a shade of Ranger's Distress Stains for the wooden front of their house.  And this one was distressed with more ink for a truly aged look.  Genius!

This roof is predominantly gray tickets, but check out the green tickets beneath that peek through the holes and highlight the edges.

So many hard much to choose from...decisions, decisions.

My gals stayed busy the entire 2 hours and since the next class didn't begin until 11am, we took advantage of the extra time to keep working.

Now this is what a happy camper looks like! 

This house features ticket images from Invoke Arts.  The rubber bands are insurance til the adhesive dries.
The face is also from my good friends at Invoke Arts.  And it's stamped on Eco Board from my buddy Harry at Rubber Stamp Concepts.  Everyone was given 3 pieces of this in different sizes and shapes, and then selected from oodles of stamps after they'd applied colors to the background.  And if you look closely you'll see Tim's Tissue Tape wrapped around the edges of some of these, as well as on the edges of the houses.  The tape isn't to hold them together; it's just another element of the design.
Thank you to all my students for joining the fun in this class.  I hope you had as much fun as I did, and that you'll look for me next year when Stampaway celebrates their 20th Anniversary.


  1. Dang, another class I missed and it looks like another great one. OK there is always next year.

  2. Hi Linda
    I took your shadowbox class at Stampaway and loved it (I am the lady in the photo) I would like to purchase more specimen boxes if you have them. I cannot find them anywhere.
    Do you have a list of upcoming classes. I want to take all of them!!!


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