Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stampaway Classes

My first class at this year's convention was a 3 hour Visual Art Journal as Memory Book.  I shipped 2 cartons of supplies with a total weight of 88 lb, and that didn't include my luggage which weighed another 90 lb.  So much paper, so much weight!
Everyone's kit included everything from stamped images on sticker paper to library pockets, glassine envelopes, coin envelopes, and their own set of watercolors.

We began with 2 simple techniques, one dry and one wet, and then using both background pieces I showed them how to use lots of fun tools unrelated to stamping that make perfectly wonderful patterns and backgrounds.

I brought along 5 of my own journals so everyone could flip the pages for inspiration, and of course photography was allowed to keep that creativity flowing once they were back home and ready to play.

My carry on bag was filled with about 400 rubber stamps, half mounted, half unmounted.  So many choices...

I had seen a magazine ad for Sally Hanson nail colors with an entire page of nails in every color and pattern.  If you look closely at the above photo you'll see where individual nails were cut out of a strip to use on a journal page.

Do you see the wine bottles in the above photo?  I bought a $30 magazine that featured prize winning advertising, just so I could cut it up to be used as elements on their pages. 

Not only did I pack dozens of small items in a popcorn bag, but I showed everyone how to fold and adhere it to the page of their journal to create an oversized pocket.

There were a few questions, lots of stamping, and tons of fun creating pages, as well as embellishing the book covers.

Each participant was to bring their own dye-based ink pads, and the color selections were like a rainbow.

Here's an example of someone who stamped lots of images to cut out and use later.  Clearly she liked the image of the panic button!
To you it may look like chaos, but everyone spread out at the tables, with piles on empty chairs, and had a marvelous time playing.

For those of who in attendance, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude that you spent 3 hours playing in one of my classes.  And to those who weren't there, I hope you can join me next year.

Check back tomorrow for photos from my other classes, and as always, thanks for checking in today.

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