Friday, October 9, 2009


It's Friday and I've survived another week.  Just a few thoughts to share today.  First, I went antiquing a few weeks ago and added to my key collection.  It's truly a sickness.  You simply wouldn't believe the number of old rusty keys I've amassed but I can't stop now. 

We recently visited a boutique with a table front & center, and the bottom of each table leg was wearing a high heel.  Not a real shoe of course; just made to look that one.  But you know I went wild over the idea of it and now my mother is buying me wacky shoes at the thrift stores.  One pair looks just perfect for a witch so I've decided to add something new to this year's porch decorations for Halloween.  Those shoes, a black hat and a broom. 

Saw the Cake Mix Doctor on GMA this week and now I'm dying to make her crushed Oreo brownies.  Have mercy, I'm not a fan of chocolate, but they looked so good I think I won't be able to resist.  Went right to the library last night and put my name on the list for both her books, along with some new fiction, of course.

Tomorrow we're off at oh-dark-thirty for IKEA in Charlotte.  A bonus to reward me for rising while it's still dark outside:  they're giving away a free breakfast to everyone.  I was going anyway, but I'm telling myself it's a reward, so don't rain on my parade.

The queen-size bed in guestroom #1 is on a Hollywood frame with no headboard and it's making us crazy.  You know that's the only room on the first floor that's received a new coat of paint (Butter Cream), so it deserves a proper bed.  Since we can't decide on one we like around here, we're off in search of one, plus new bedding as well.  And I'm thinking I want new curtains for my bedroom, and a new long runner for my kitchen. 

I've got so many ideas in my head for classes right now that I dream about them!!!  Backgrounds, collages, books, techniques, and of course a new specimen box surprise.  And I've got a big order of new goodies on the way, so that's always a big treat.

One final note...I've had enough candy corn.  For today.

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